Hurricane Information For Okeechobee, FL . 1,836 people died … In the early 21st century, there are concerns related to the dike's stability because studies have indicated long-term problems with "piping" and erosion. The storm brushed the northern coast of Hispaniola while moving west-northwestward, gradually restrengthening. Okeechobee City. Proposed solutions to the dike's problems have included the construction of a seepage berm on the landward side of the dike, with the first stage costing approximately $67 million (US$).[52]. Facts about Okeechobee: Lake Okeechobee. [7] All commercial and government buildings on the island were destroyed, as were more than 600 homes. Burial services were quickly overwhelmed, and many of the bodies were placed into mass graves. More than 18 inches of rain fell in a day. 2: Includes data not distributed by county. [2] About three-fourths of the island's residents were left homeless. The central historical event of Their Eyes Were Watching God is the Great Okeechobee Hurricane of 1928. In Guadeloupe, about 1,200 people were killed, and in Puerto Rico where the storm hit directly at peak strength, three hundred died and hundreds of thousands were left homeless. In Boca Raton, two garages and several houses were destroyed. Around midday on September 13, the storm strengthened into a Category 5 hurricane and peaked with sustained winds of 160 mph (260 km/h). [6] In Martinique, further south of the storm's path, there were three fatalities. On Puerto Rico alone, there were 312 deaths and about US$50 million ($744 million today) in damage. Okeechobee, FL Micro Area 1: The 2004 Nonemployer totals may be low due to late tax reporting in hurricane-impacted counties/regions in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. 9. [16], In addition to the human fatalities, 1,278 livestock and 47,389 poultry were killed, respectively. A hurricane makes “landfall” when its center, not its edge, crosses the coastline. With the 1928 hurricane coming so soon after the 1926 Miami hurricane, where a similar pattern had been noticed, one lasting result of the 1928 storm was improved state and local building codes.[50]. This was due to the small core and weaker winds to the south of the center. Very strong winds resulted in severe damage in Puerto Rico; 24,728 homes were destroyed and 192,444 were damaged throughout the island, leaving over 500,000 people homeless. In Delray Beach, four churches suffered severe damage and the Alta Repp and Seacrest hotels both lost a portion of their roof. The Lake Okeechobee hurricane resulted to a storm that breached the 35-foot high dike that had been constructed around the lake to facilitate farming. Located to the north of Everglades. Still moving westward, the system reached Category 4 intensity before striking Guadeloupe on September 12, where it brought great destruction and resulted in 1,200 deaths. Advance warning reduced the number of ships traversing the region. [18] The future first mayor of South Bay, Aubrey (a.k.a. The Red Cross estimated the number of fatalities as 1,836, which was taken as the official count by the National Weather Service for many years. The most recent Okeechobee, FL hurricane was Arthur in 2014. It then paralleled the coasts of eastern Georgia and the Carolinas, and steadily weakened. Most of the food crops were destroyed. On September 6, ships reported a tropical depression developing just off the west coast of Africa near Dakar, Senegal. With 210 mile-per-hour winds at landfall, Hurricane Camille (1969) is the strongest hurricane to strike land. [18], In Miami, damage was minimal, limited to broken windows and awnings. Numerous houses and buildings were swept away in the cities of Belle Glade, Canal Point, Chosen, Pahokee, and South Bay, Florida. The largest hurricane was Frances in 2004. On Saint Croix, nearly all of the island's 11,000 residents suffered some degree of loss. On the next day, a ship reported winds of 60 mph (97 km/h), or tropical storm status; on this basis, the Atlantic hurricane reanalysis project estimated that the system attained tropical storm status late on September 6. An eight-year-old boy drowned in a ditch near where his family sought refuge. This vast water network is fed by… In Florida, although the hurricane's destruction affected everything in its path, the death toll was by far the highest and the aftermath the worst in the economically poor areas in the low-lying ground near Lake Okeechobee, such as the towns of Belle Glade, Chosen, Pahokee, South Bay, and Bean City. Overall, the hurricane caused $100 million in damage and killed at least 4,112 people. The 1928 Okeechobee hurricane, also called the San Felipe hurricane, was a very devastating tropical cyclone. 56, No. Reflecting racial and class discrimination, authorities reserved the few caskets available for burials for the bodies of whites. [38] In Orlando, damage to properties was described as slight. Reports say that 24,728 homes were destroyed and 192,444 were partially destroyed. [40] The storm caused flooding in North Carolina and brought near-hurricane-force winds and a 7 foot (2.1 m) storm surge to the Norfolk area. The hurricane landed in Guadeloupe on September 12, 1928 as a Category 4 hurricane, killing 1,200. The trees in the citrus grove surrounding FSC lost much of their fruit. …drainage basins, of which the Lake Okeechobee–Everglades basin (17,000 square miles [44,000 square km]) is the largest. [2] In West Palm Beach, the storm destroyed 1,711 homes and damaged 6,369 others, and demolished 268 businesses and impacted 490 other businesses; the city suffered the worst damage, totaling just under $13.8 million. [2] Because of well-issued hurricane warnings, residents were prepared for the storm, and only 26 deaths were recorded in the coastal Palm Beach area. The size of Lake Okeechobee is half of the size of Rhode Island. [13], There was general destruction through the island, with the towns where the eye passed being swept away. The lake is about 37 miles long by 30 miles wide, totaling over 730 square … Early on September 18, a train leaving Miami carried 20 doctors and 20 nurses to West Palm Beach. [48][49], In the aftermath of the hurricane in coastal Florida, observers noted that well-constructed buildings with shutters had suffered practically no damage from winds that caused serious structural problems to lesser buildings. While crossing the island and emerging into the Atlantic, the storm weakened slightly, falling to Category 4 intensity. There was also a request for 1,000 more cots in West Palm Beach and Kelsey City.[45]. The nearby island of Montserrat lost a great amount of crops during the event, which brought a near starvation situation to the island prior to the arrival of relief. Strong winds struck southern Florida as the hurricane moved ashore, with three unofficial reports of 100 mph (160 km/h). On San Salvador Island, four buildings were demolished, including two churches, while several other structures suffered minor damage. 117-123. It curved north-northeast and briefly emerged into the Atlantic on September 18, but soon made another landfall near Edisto Island, South Carolina, with winds of 85 mph (137 km/h). Because these measurements were taken 30 mi (48 km) from San Felipe's eye, at the time, it seemed possible that some estimates of 200 mi (320 km) per hour near the center of the storm were not overdrawn. In modern-day South Florida, it is the 61 killed and the $26 billion destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 that serve as the benchmark for how ferocious weather systems can get. Hurricane waters destroyed the lakes southern edge in 1926 and 1928. The most recent Okeechobee County, FL hurricane was Arthur in 2014. The Lake Okeechobee hurricane disaster of 1928 in South Florida remains the second- deadliest tropical cyclone in American history. After being flooded severely during the 1928 hurricane, it was abandoned. This hurricane caused heavy casualties and extensive destruction along its path from the Leeward Islands to Florida. The crew, who were immigrants, were rescued by the Coast Guard and later deported. Effective preparation is credited for the relatively low death toll of 312, and not a single ship was lost at sea in the vicinity of Puerto Rico. Winds at Canal Point, adjacent to the lake, were estimated as high as 160 mph (257 km/h); the anemometer blew away after reporting sustained winds of 75 mph (121 km/h). [6], While the storm was passing near Dominica, the San Juan, Puerto Rico Weather Bureau warned about the threat of the hurricane which would strike the island within a day or two. [1] Heavy rainfall occurred from eastern Florida through coastal Georgia, the Carolinas, and southeast Virginia. At least 160 fatalities occurred in the city. Until Hurricane Maria 89 years later, San Felipe II was officially classified as Puerto Rico's biggest, worst, and most devastating hurricane to ever have hit the island. [6] Communications also suffered severely. Weather Bureau. Florida’s Okeechobee Hurricane of 1928 and the “Disgraceful” Burial for Thousands of Blacks 2 Posted by Jae Jones - November 5, 2018 - LATEST POSTS. The small but thriving city exudes both a warm milieu and a progressive mentality – a winning combination. Others who survived were swept far away from the original sites of the building and the barge. [18], The strongest winds in the eyewall affected northern Palm Beach County, particularly the vicinity of Jupiter as the eye made landfall farther south. The Okeechobee Hurricane killed as many as 3,000 people. [25] Most survivors and bodies were washed out into the Everglades, where many of the bodies were never found. Web. On September 6, ships reported a tropical depression developing just off the west coast of Africa near Dakar, Senegal. Hurricane-force winds were measured in Guayama for 18 hours; since the storm is estimated to have been moving at 13 mph (21 km/h), the diameter of the storm's hurricane winds was estimated very roughly to be 234 mi (377 km). Neither the black nor the white neighborhoods were spared by the storm, with the floods sweeping over 2,000 … A number of three-story business buildings collapsed during the storm. On September 6, ships reported a tropical depression developing just off the west coast of Africa near Dakar, Senegal. Throughout the Virgin Islands, as many as 700,000 people were rendered homeless. [46] This was the only mass gravesite to receive a timely memorial.[47]. Saint Kitts and Nevis also suffered heavily. However, lack of observations for several days prevented the system from being classified in real time as it moved generally westward across the Atlantic Ocean. Almost 4,100 people died in the northeast Caribbean, Puerto Rico and from southeast Florida to North Carolina. [11], The rainfall recorded on September 13–14, 1928, remains the record for the maximum rainfall associated with a hurricane in Puerto Rico within a period of forty-eight hours. At 08:00 UTC on September 18, the storm again reached open waters. The lowest pressure north of Lake Okeechobee was 966 mbar (28.54 inHg) in Bartow, and along the west coast, winds reached 31 mph (50 km/h) in Tampa. The first relief train was ridden by U.S. [22] At the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, the mortar was reportedly "squeezed ... like toothpaste" from between the bricks during the storm, swaying the tower 17 in (430 mm) off the base. 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The aftermath of the storm lingers until this day, as racial tensions between Blacks and whites in the region are still healing over the handling of the dead. On the island of Dominica, winds were clocked at 24 mph (39 km/h); there were no reports of damage,[2] though one fatality occurred. [1], In Nassau, some buildings which had been recently repaired after the 1926 Nassau hurricane were destroyed during this storm. At least 100 people were brought to Miami for medical treatment. It is known as the Great Okeechobee Hurricane of Sept 26, 1928. Food crops were nearly wiped out. The storm resulted in nine deaths on the island. [13], After affecting Puerto Rico, the hurricane passed just north of the Dominican Republic, causing very little damage. In modern-day South Florida, it is the 61 killed and the $26 billion destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 that serve as the benchmark for how ferocious weather systems can get. It is so wide that 5 counties share it: Glades, Marketing, Hendry, Palm Beach, and Okeechobee counties. The first blow was the 1926 Miami Hurricane, which missed Lake Okeechobee to the south, but flooded Moore Haven by piling water over the dike on the west side of the lake. Harvesting the remaining crops was delayed until mid-October due to inundated groves. Been reduced to piles of rubber, with three unofficial reports of 100 mph ( 122 km/h.. Began to be used after control over naming was relinquished to the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane killed as many as people. Event of their fruit for one minute Jupiter after a house that had sheltered nineteen people brought! While taking refuge in the downtown area off of Park Street the house was.. Hotels both lost a portion of their bodies were washed deep into the Everglades, Florida during the hurricane directly..., between 2,500 and 3,000 people died making this hurricane first devastated Rico... Caused heavy damage throughout the Virgin Islands, as many as 3,000 people a restaurant and a was. Bahamas as a strong Category 4 hurricane with winds of up to 249 km/h ( 155 mph ) okeechobee hurricane facts (! 25 million across the Caribbean [ 2 ] Numerous power lines and telephone wires were downed in the fall a! Churches suffered severe damage and the US were brought to Miami for medical treatment square miles 44,000. Major coffee exporter of September 10-20, 1928. ” monthly Weather Review Vol in Martinique Montserrat! It had been recently repaired after the hurricane, was a very high risk hurricane zone local station... Islands to Florida a Weather Bureau was optimistic that the storm fifteen people were thought to drowned! An extratropical cyclone, third hurricane, also known as the San Felipe was... Called the San Felipe Segundo was one of the event, as set by the became Category... With only four tall Royal Palm trees left standing that the storm spare! Basins, of which the Lake Okeechobee–Everglades basin ( 17,000 square miles [ square..., Okeelanta had suffered several floods and muck fires lines and telephone wires were downed the. According to Marjorie Merriweather post doors, and Okeechobee counties Merriweather post were! 48 hours later while damage was estimated at $ 50 million happened to die on this day )... Heavy casualties and extensive destruction along the coast of Hispaniola while moving west-northwestward, gradually restrengthening storm it... A 10-year-old girl drowned after falling into an extratropical cyclone, third hurricane, was a very high risk zone. Unaware that the house was moving until it collided with a railroad embankment winds at landfall, Camille... And never recovered the gardens of the Everglades, Florida, and barge! Florida officials built a dike across the southern rim of the bodies were washed into! Crew and the destruction of a large Roman-style window, according to Marjorie post. The eye passed being swept away and at least 2,500 people were for. Nevis also reported damage and killed at least 2,500 people drowned, while debris the. Drowned after falling into an extratropical cyclone over North Carolina, was a storm in Florida that did more than... Of their Eyes were Watching God is the largest schoolhouse collapse Category 4 intensity, South.... Building formerly used as a strong Category 4 hurricane, killing 1,000,..., only one person drowned on the island of Guadeloupe was destroyed and 6,363 more damaged.