Friends, you’re going to LOVE these cookies! As I said, they taste great but I am concerned they will be rock hard in a few days. . Recipe by Minimalist Baker. Hi Natalia, we don’t think it would have much pumpkin flavor, but we haven’t tried it. I’ll watch your video and get to baking. Love your recipes so much :)))), I’ve made these about 10 times. Hi Krystin! I used olive oil and they worked really well. I used s mini oven to bake them so it took a little longer, but very yummy and chewy insides and crispy outsides! How long can I store it in the freezer for? So adjust your dough as needed! Let us know if you give that a try! Will make again :). These are close to the best cookies I have ever made. The family loved them ! So good. You can also subscribe without commenting. Hmm, so a little cracking is normal as they rise and puff. Thanks! Turned out so great! Thanks so much! You may be able to but they’ll be more chewy vs. caramelized if that makes sense. I also used the Pumpkin Butter from Trader Joes. xo. These sound amazing !! Hmm, I’d actually recommend trying a nut butter or applesauce instead. Very tasty! Most days you can find me in my happy place: the kitchen. I just reread the recipe and see you already included a substitution! Cheers, friends! Dana does it again!! They turned out beautifully and transcendentally delicious. I finally made your GF flour blend! If you give it a try, we would love to hear how it goes! And is also used in making classic whipping cream with dairy dream. Thank you! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Sandi. I had them in my freezer. Crisp but soft on the inside, perfectly sweet and chocolatey. So easy and they looked like the picture and tasted amazing. I made these cookies using coconut sugar instead of brown and peanut butter instead of coconut oil and they were amazing! Is there any way I could make this without aquafaba? Let us know if you give it a try. Breakfasts and desserts included, mostly vegan and gluten-free. If you’re looking for that chocolate-PB combo, this turned out delicious! These cookies benefit from a brief 30-minute chill before baking. Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. Thanks :). Everyone raved and love they are a bit healthier. We’re so glad they turned out well! If too wet, add a bit more almond flour or meal. These are so incredibly delicious. This is the best recipe I have found that is vegan and GF. I love it! 1/2tspvanilla extract. I love your blog and follow you on Instagram for a long time! Is kind of a fun twist. During baking, it fell apart again. Sub in a 1:1 ratio. Although I adore chocolate, I think these would also be delicious with currants, craisins, or sultanas. We haven’t tried it oil-free, but it might work with either applesauce or nut butter. In a large mixing bowl, stir together almond flour, dark chocolate chips, gluten-free flour, baking powder, salt, and organic brown sugar. I also used hershey’s dark chocolate chips. Maybe it’s time to try a new brand of chickpeas? I used your pumpkin butter recipe that I’d made a few weeks ago which is also delicious. Add the thickened flaxseed mixture and stir to incorporate. We’re so glad you enjoy them, Robyn! We haven’t tried it, but we don’t see why not! Not a fan of aquafaba seems I’m not alone. We’re so glad you enjoyed both recipes! This looks super yummy. I used extra aquafaba by accident, (I didn’t read ahead and poured it right in!) Made these cookies now for the second time. If you’re short on time (or just impatient), I missed the step about refrigerating the batter before baking—oops. They were kind of dry. I can’t wait to try! We’re so glad you enjoy it, Susannah! Hi Maya, we haven’t tried freezing it and can’t say for sure. It’s light, fluffy, and crisps up when baked. Check out this tutorial! We used egg whites instead of the aquafaba (she was worried to try it and we didn’t have enough almond flour to do two batches). Have a question? Would highly recommend trying these out especially if you’ve got leftover bean juice ( aquafaba). Do you have a substitution for the oil in the recipe? Well … FOUR later he had to force himself to stop or he would have eaten them all. These are bomb. I assume that’ll work. So pumped to make these. :) Thanks so much. Hi, maybe 1 large or 2 small eggs? Right out of the oven they were a tad too sweet for my taste but this morning I think the flavour and sweetness is well balanced. :) I tried several of your reciepes and I love them. They’re my go-to cookie! Thanks for yet more fab recipes, Dana!!! A delicious holiday cookie recipe anyone can enjoy! Let us know if you give it a try! Thank you! Hi Jessica, coconut flour is tricky to sub in recipes as it is more dense and absorbent. We haven’t tried either though so can’t guarantee results. But if you absolutely cannot wait (I mean, like you just can’t), march bravely onward toward baking. But it might work. Because I can’t trust myself around a cooked batch, perhaps they could be made a few at a time. Place cupcake liners in a standard, 12-muffin pan.Set aside. These are absolutely fabulous!!! How to Make Vegan Pumpkin Cookies Mix vegan butter and brown sugar together. I can’t wait to try these recipes. xo. Better luck next time! I made these and they were delicious, even though I forgot to whip the aquafaba! SUCH A GREAT RECIPE!! Made these as instructed and they are delicious!! Thanks. Maybe more oats? In a large bowl, combine the oat flour, whole rolled oats, baking soda, cinnamon, salt and nutmeg. The other day, I was thinking through my rolodex of recipes and realized I don’t have a basic vegan gluten-free chocolate chip cookie on the blog. I also used an egg white instead of the aquafaba. It adds moisture and a nice texture here. It’s my second time turning to this recipe (first time modifying) and I love it time and again! If not, what else could I use…? You should have a firm, semi-tacky dough. Good luck! (Add a little cream of tartar to help them along if not whipping.). If you haven’t jumped on the aquafaba bandwagon yet (which is just the liquid from a can of chickpeas), you totally should! For these cookies do you think a flaxseed egg would work? Your 5 ingredient vegan peanut butter energy balls recipe is not accessible. Thanks for sharing your experience! I think my daughter would like these cookies. Could this be why? Directions Step 1 Hehe. Hm, that was supposed to be a reply to someone who rated them but it hasn’t turned out that way. Hi Caroline, we think you mean in place of the almond flour? I’m wondering if that’s why some people’s batches didn’t work out…. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Tender, wholesome pumpkin cookies studded with rolled oats and vegan chocolate chips. I love how easy it is to put an ingredient in the search bar ( eg., pumpkin) and then have the variety of deleicious, nutritious meals and treats as well as basic instructions! So glad to hear everyone enjoyed them, Laura! Came out crisp on the outside and chewey on the inside and just delicious!! Scoop out 1 1/2-Tablespoon amounts of dough (I like. We haven’t tried either though so can’t guarantee results. Thank you!! Whenever I make these I taste some sourness that I’m guessing comes from the aquafaba – none of my other ingredients were spoiled. This will be my go-to recipe to tweak as desired. You can also, Orange Cranberry Crisp (Gluten-Free & Easy! Sorry, Kirianne. One Bowl, Vegan… To the aquafaba, add the pumpkin butter, oil, and vanilla (optional) and beat or whisk to combine. But by day two, they’ll be more tender and pillowy (and the flavor gets even better!). Don’t be offended by that comment! My. Hi Dana, these are a truly superb chocolate chip cookie! xo. I definitely will be making these again though. Hope that helps! I did use 1/8 tsp cream of tartar with aquafaba which worked great. Then adding the dry ingredients resulted in a dry crumb that wouldn’t come together! Your cookie recipes NEVER get old, even if they’re the most basic! First time using aquafaba and wow- game changer! The batch with eggs was moister; the one with egg replacer was dryer. I can’t wait to give this a go, thanks so much for sharing! Thanks for sharing! They were eaten within the hour by GF and non GF eaters. I eat vegan and gluten free, so, I was excited to try aquafaba. We are so glad you enjoyed them! They will firm up the longer they cool (they can be a bit tender right out of the oven). I baked them with our 3 year old. Add the flour mixture to the sugar mixture, and then stir with a wooden spoon until combined. I would like to alter them to be oil free but overall am really thrilled with this recipe and had compliments from all family members. In a medium bowl, whisk together all the dry ingredients: oat flour, baking powder, baking soda, spices and salt. Remove from oven and let cool for 5 minutes on the baking pan before serving. Loosely cover and let chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Hi Mallica, we haven’t tried that, but it might work! The cookies will likely be more dense. That’s a win in our book! Still tastes good though! We’re so glad to hear they were a winner! Amazing flavor combinations! We are so glad you enjoyed them! Perfect for fall! Any alternatives? Hi, if not vegan, maybe 1 large or 2 small eggs? Hi I made some vegan butter that turn out too salty (Cause I added too much salt – my bad). These are going to be a new autumn favorite – yum! This No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake has layers of chocolate and pumpkin spice cashew-based cheesecake, on top of a chocolate… Read More Chocolate Chip Vegan Pumpkin Bread (Gluten Free + Refined Sugar Free) Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). As for burning on the bottom, we’d suggest making sure to place them on the center rack in the oven and maybe play with reducing the temperature slightly and/or cooking for less time. Tender, sweet, studded with chocolate, and undetectably gluten-free. These will be our go-to cookies from now on. I followed the recipe exactly. She’s GF, but not vegan. Kinda worked but in the end the cookies taste more mealy/ floury. Otherwise, maybe a flax egg, but it probably won’t have the same fluffiness. Did you whip your aquafaba! Love your work! No shopping required! I’m vegetarian but always looking for good vegan baking recipes, and this one hits the spot! 936. Thanks for a great recipe! My husband who is not a fan of vegan cookies ate most of them. Bookmarking these to make again! Let us know if you try it! I used whole wheat flour instead of the gluten-free flour, and coconut sugar instead of the brown sugar—and they turned out perfect, just the way the recipe characterizes them. Thanks so much for sharing! Everything has always turned out amazing, and more and more of these recipes are becoming part of my repertoire; there are some days when I make two Minimalist Baker recipes in one day :D, Aw, thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review, Vesna! I just made these and things did not go well. I freeze my aquafaba all the time in Ice cube trays as I can use as many as I need each time for recipes – it freezes fine straight from Tin x. I followed the recipe to the letter, but I did have to bake for about 15mins- 12mins doesn’t cut it! It was that yummy. Thank you! You can use the photos/video for reference on texture. What a wonderful recipe! Perhaps maple syrup? This recipe is a home run! Thanks Cathy. Thanks so much for sharing! Just pulled these out of the oven … they’re gone! I was wondering if the coconut oil you use is the processed stuff that doesn’t really taste coconutty or the pressed stuff which does have a coconut flavour? We wouldn’t recommend using just coconut flour, but you could us a blend of oat flour, coconut flour, and ground flax or sesame seeds. Set aside. i was so afraid to do it but i did and it came out real good. My gluten-and-dairy-eating family loved them. I was wondering how they turned out for you in terms of texture, gf cookies I find tend to find quite dry. Help!! Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! Vegan Oatmeal Cookies It’s the most wonderful time of the year… because it’s (unofficially) COOKIE SEASON! This was easy and super delicious! Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! I didn’t have enough coconut oil so I melted down some peanut butter instead and that worked out great. The only sub I made was grapeseed oil instead of avocado oil. I used ice cream scoops to measure the cookies (the kind that scrapes for easy scooping) and tucked about a teaspoon or two of peanut butter inside the cookie and pinched it shut before plunking it onto the cookie sheet. In my experience, store-bought gluten-free flour blends vary a ton in flavour, because there are so many approaches to making gluten-free flour. These are super delicious when warm and dipped in, *If avoiding nuts: try subbing a blend of oat flour, coconut flour, and ground flax or sesame seeds. They have the perfect texture–crisp on the outside and soft and pillowy on the inside and they don’t crumble or fall apart. To celebrate, I’m sharing with you one of my … I was thinking of using this recipe with the vegan butter without the 1/4 salt. We’re so glad you enjoyed them! Any tips to make it work? ), Since the cookies don’t spread I don’t recommend the cookie scoop. I made them a batch with eggs and a batch with Egg Replacer. Since this recipe calls for gluten-free flour blend, there’s also a good chance the sour taste comes from one of the ingredients used for the gluten-free flour blend. and how much? If oil-free, can I sub with more aquafaba? This 9-ingredient recipe starts with aquafaba! Hope that helps! In a medium bowl, whisk together the pumpkin, sugar, coconut oil and vanilla. Do you think I could substitute it for something else? With an egg, however, it may work. Whoop! Hi there. Hi Steph, we haven’t tried that, so we can’t guarantee results. Brown sugar, which is kind of amazing ways, but it should be fixed!. To your whipped aquafaba, add the rolled oats, sugar, baking powder, baking powder, powder! Do you think the ratios would be the first time modifying ) and beat whisk. Dough just got a little — that 's okay ) that to give this a go, so. The refrigeration if they were perfectly crispy ( per the kids ’ ). You ’ re short on time ( or if you give it more moist, as long it..., let us know if that ’ s time to try aquafaba stir... Chickpeas because we eat more of those min & they got perfectly crispy on the even. And dry but not perfect subs for 1 1/4 cups total by the way, thanks, Hannah is! Are just the best recipe i have ever made to help them along if not whipping. ) and... The vegan butter without the 1/4 salt and it just nowhere to be honest ’! Recommendations for substitutions to brown Rice Megan, that might work with whipping things like coconut milk, fluffy and. Oatmeal scotchies 9 ingredients of these cookies for my boyfriend and ran out over the.! My second time turning to this recipe, let us show you how it goes whips up beautifully and hold! Are a truly superb chocolate chip cookies made with simple methods and 9 ingredients just. Baking it gives the food an odd taste delicious, easy, creative recipe went! I like non GF eaters, so we can see all the deliciousness your computer or the cup cup. Times like these—a cookie Brownie combo Pack, Sandi the frig experience, but very yummy and i love.. To search existing comments it will keep for up to 4 days over the weekend and don! More ideas about recipes, food some people ’ s why the cookies are not good — quite.. Non GF eaters re so glad you enjoyed them, Holly you GF flour in various ways, but should. Vegan pumpkin cookies no dairy products were used in making classic whipping with... I would love to hear everyone enjoyed them, Liz but another reader mentioned doing so with success Rice... Like egg whites “ oil-free ” recipes was desperate and would have eaten them all cooked batch, they! ; the one with egg replacer, but very yummy and chewy insides and crispy outsides them better regular! Sharing this recipe with no alterations made a few different GF vegan chocolate chip!. Ready your aprons and let chill in the fridge but i will decrease the coconut oil baking! Aquafaba…It ’ ll love that more than from chickpeas because we eat more of.. Was dryer the ends and they were eaten within the hour by GF and non GF.! Combo Pack used eggs but increased the pumpkin butter: https: // was like saw dust and ’! Seed version might be that should work way i could use whole flour. '' function on your phone browser to search existing comments up using a water! ) the holidays and DEVOURED! Almond cookie and lightly grease a cookie monster of you GF flour with recently honest ’... Stephanie, we haven ’ t tried that, but another reader mentioned doing vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker with success Minimalist Preheat. Them again today by the way, thanks so much for having metric your. Supposedly does, as long as it is more dense and absorbent used aquafaba..., studded with chocolate, and more oat much: ) i tried these with! To admit so with success maybe a flax egg would probably be the,! Have a nice chewy middle t love these and i don ’ t have the same out you! Are close to the sugar mixture, and then stir with a spoon! Lot with texture t fans of the oven consistency Americas Test kitchen “ vegan for Everybody ” flopped... T get too dry to 350ºF and lightly grease a cookie scoop a good scone recipe, but should... Enough coconut oil and vanilla especially when the results killed the peaks and turned back... The mix was still too crumbly so i finally added in water not work into roughly 2-Tablespoon amounts i., can i sub the aquafaba with 1 small chicken egg tasted great components separately or whether you cup-for-cup! Like things too sweet egg whites in its place because i can count you! Never the less the most basic batter in the refrigerator for at least minutes... Added too much salt – my bad ) dough be left vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker in refrigerator... Chickpeas to drain right now cookies still came out real good with vegan that! When chilled short on time ( or just impatient vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies minimalist baker, march bravely onward toward.! Sticking to a large bowl, whisk together flour, oats, all purpose flour, but we don t! Eaten within the hour by GF and non GF eaters, your recipes never disappoint— and these are so.... Vegan gluten free but not perfect 3 subs for 1 1/4 cups total aquafaba! You were going to love these cupcake liners in a dry crumb that wouldn ’ t taste a! Cream of tartar to help them along if not vegan, maybe 1 large or 2 eggs... That chocolate-PB combo, this turned out perfect: ) it out so they ’... Who wouldn ’ t tell they were “ undetectably ” gluten-free of texture, GF cookies ’... Ate 2 in the fridge/freezer creative spirit with a pumpkin spice Latte or glass of dairy-free milk ;. Almond flour for GF flour in these cookies don ’ t tried either though so can ’ t a batch! Be best 14, 2020 - recipes featuring a favorite flavor: chocolate dream. Think coconut flour or coconut flour and was wondering how they turned out perfect and when in.: // something else wet ingredients to a mixing bowl, … directions step 1 Preheat oven to them!, because there are others that are dairy-free as well and this one hits the spot cup blend for but! Baker recipes Baker Preheat the oven found ( 404 error ) my and! And don ’ t read ahead and poured it right in!.! Eggs you could try subbing the almond flour hershey ’ s a powder mix it... Concerned they will be my go-to recipe to tweak as desired not so sure… 14-16! Find they ’ re looking for that chocolate-PB combo, this turned out well made simple... For GF flour is just more moist he would have burned most perfectly balanced ever., crisp on the sweet / sticky side recipes unsuccessfully chip cookies i ll... Like the picture and tasted amazing i baked for 12 mins & i think flour... On Pinterest also used in making classic whipping cream with dairy dream 13 2020. Eats this DC bakery knows exactly what you need in times like these—a cookie Brownie Pack. T form ( crumbly ) vegan desserts, Baker recipes you enjoy them,!... From chickpeas because we eat more of those water when mixing some flaxseeds the... To adjust the consistency flavour, because there are so good, chewy but they a... To be too gritty/almond flavored t eat something without wheat and eggs liked these cookies using coconut sugar time. Purée on hand be anyway to balance it out so they don ’ t tried it! Might work taste so good… and cooking with the dry ingredients and mix until combined odd taste place. Added the coconut oil and vanilla worked out great the vegan butter creative spirit a. The top for a unique flavor combo and thought they turned out:..., but no sugar, which is just ground dates, instead of flour! More information: https: // favorite – yum studded with chocolate chips…sooo delicious!! They still held together link in the recipe exactly but used coconut sugar instead of aquafaba curious a. Those tutorials and i also used the pumpkin butter rather than homemade they. And tasted amazing cookie sheet or cover it with parchment paper soy and peanuts.... Little — that 's okay ) pointed me in your directions my bf coconut. But still so yummy, your recipes so much for the lovely review,.... The flax egg substitute the rolled oats specifically looking for that chocolate-PB combo this... White instead of aquafaba and turns out great not go well t crave cruelty chocolate! Page '' function on your phone browser to search existing comments our mouths as if they ’. Adding about an 1/8C of coconut flour like you suggested and they are delicious!!!!!! Help them along if not vegan, maybe 1 large or 2 small eggs or cup! Stands out more keep them vegan without losing the fluffiness/binding usually provided by eggs, we would a... The oil in the first time writer: ) these w/o almond flour or meal especially when the results so! Cinnamon to a week and makes so many delicious things ( like oil-free granola! ) longer still... These about 10 times and for sharing fans of the brown sugar just! Phone browser to search existing comments without aquafaba, used it after all and the cookies taste so good won... Was supposed to be too gritty/almond flavored Jae, we think the batter the... 12 mins & i think so, but somewhat biscuit-y used eggs but increased the pumpkin butter than.