it’s slightly fluid and masculine, but can feel neutral and feminine at some poitns, nocturine: a gender that is active during the night and gone during the day, nocturnumae: a gender that is contained within the night/darkness. any genders related to clouds, rain, or storms? it consists of the void, and is more than neutral - it’s a purposeful gender of nothing. for people with adhd, focigender: a gender that is influenced by and/or shifts with one’s hyperfixations/obsessions. requests are mostly open, check the carrd! acephobia-is-real:. ... Also emoji neopronouns are pretty badass too! feels vast and heavy, dapean: a gender related to mixed rain and snow, weather, thunderstorms, fallen snow, fluffy pillows, and days of sleep, delugender: a gender that is stronger and/or more apparent during rainstorms, drizzlegender: a gender aesthetically associated with the rain, genderlaino: a gender that feels misty, or inside a windy forest, gives off a vibe of comfortableness and the feeling of rain falling softly on a tin roof, gendernovus: a gender that is related to rain in summer weather. right now, we're doing a mandatory activity checkpoint- it's linked in the announcements channel of the discord server! it’s a form of rebellion against traditional gender ideals. If you are unsure of which to use, check my bio where I keep which pronouns I’m currently using updated.If you can’t access it, please use either one of the above pronouns and do not use singular they/them or neopronouns on me. I love neopronouns!! Some “neopronouns” for International Pronouns day. sweet/sweets/sweetself. can be associated with the punk and riot grrrl movements, adversgender: a gender connected to satanism/luciferianism, rebellion, freethought, defiance of social expectations and norms, and an intense feeling, be it dark or not, transangelicexodian: a musicagender related to ezra furman’s album ‘transangelic exodus’. Could I get a list of genders connected to being rebellious? All of these pronouns have only been recorded in their nominative form. do you know if there's a gender where your gender is fluid and changes to match whoever you're with, so that you're always mlm wlw or nblnb? Hello Hello! may be related to the color navy and dark blues, nascigender: a gender related to soft sprinkles of rain, morning fog, naturistic scent, and a soft, fresh breeze, nimbostratusio: a gender related to nimbostratus clouds, pouring rain, gray clouds, and rolling clouds. feels ethereal, angelic, extraterrestrial, and as though it relates to outer space, celestiagender: a gender connected to outer space and creatures from outer space, celestialgender: a gender that is related to a planet, celestial body, or astronomical object in out solar system, linnutgender: a gender related to or influenced by all the planets, celestial bodies, and astronomical objects in our solar system. pumspician icons with neopets free to use with credit! For a long time, the English language has not allowed for folks who are neither male nor female to go about our lives without being misgendered. 퐑퐔퐋퐄퐒 퐏퐀퐆퐄 퐈퐒 퐔퐍퐃퐄퐑 퐓퐇퐄 #퐑퐔퐋퐄퐒 퐓퐀퐆 Pretty self explanatory I guess lol. here’s a few that may fit! other places i'm at: this list. often neutral- or feminine-leaning, but doesn’t have to be, squigamale: a male gender that feels trapped by stereotypes, but inside is rebellious and cold, squigafemale: a female gender that feels trapped by stereotypes, but inside is rebellious and cold, nonsquiga: a nonbinary gender that feels trapped by stereotypes, but inside is rebellious and cold. dexter | he/him, ey/em, it/its, any neopronouns | 19 | this is a blog for mogai character headcanons!! associated with starlight and astrology. Some examples of neopronouns may include: xe/xem/xyr, ze/hir/hirs, and ey/em/eir. it’s slightly masculine in nature, rebellious, and upfront. yes, i still live in constant oc block. I do icons, moodboards, headers, dni banners, and lockscreens! gonna ping some people i follow to ask for boosts for visibility: @neopronouns​ @lovemogai​ @hallowgender​ @mogai-monarchs​ @pluriqueer​. Zyl's Carrd Kath's Carrd In a relationship with @axsexualinsomniac. Meif'wa are basically cat people, and werewolves are wolf people. the coiner notes that ‘feminine’ can refer to gender femininity, feminine presentation, or any other femininity important to the individual, so the gender itself isn’t necessarily feminine, chamgender: your gender changes to match the gender of whom you’re with at the time, copygender: a fluid gender that mimics the gender of someone you have strong feelings for, followgender: a gender that can be directly changed to match that of a person one looks up to, platofluid: a gender that changes to be the same/similar to the gender(s) one is platonically attracted to at the moment, sterofluid: a fluid nonbinary gender where one feels more feminine if their crush/partner is feminine, more masc if they’re masc, etc, sexofluid: a gender that changes to be the same/similar to the gender(s) one is sexually attracted to at the moment, sensufluid: a gender that changes to be the same/similar to the gender(s) one is sensually attracted to at the moment, aquaepapilionio: a gender that comes out like a butterfly after rain. love/let/letter/letters/loveself, letterself, or loveletterself. it’s the feeling of singing along at the top of your lungs, of being rejected by everyone but still not giving up, of being angry and upset with the rest of the world, trenchbaonic: a gender that feels like rebellion, escapism, and becoming someone you’re not so you can be who you are, tastes like mushy raspberries and chlorine, smells like carnations, and sounds like vultures, and/or a gender that can only be described by twenty one pilots’ album ‘trench’, belua: a female or feminine gender that can be best described as ‘monster girl/woman/etc’. associated with stars. i know i definitely missed some cloud genders, so i may come back and add to this, dexter | he/him, ey/em, it/its, any neopronouns/emojipronouns | 19 | read the. may indicated questioning alignment rather than being sure, quantum-aligned: a paradoxical alignment that is both known and unknown, present and absent. it erupts and dozens or hundreds of new genders are created, destroyed, or fused together, uranusique: a gender related to the moons of uranus, venusanian: a fingender (feminine-in-nature gender) related to the solar system, specifically venus, or outer space in general, feminec: a male gender that is deeply tied to the person’s feminine gender nonconformity; a male gender in which one’s feminine gender nonconformity is part of their gender itself, not just part of their expression, femigec: a neutral gender that is deeply tied to the person’s feminine gender nonconformity; a neutral gender in which one’s feminine gender nonconformity is part of their gender itself, not just part of their expression, femmegender: a gender influenced by/tied to being femme, parougender: a gender identity that feels related to or defined by a person’s presentation, though these haven’t been officially coined, i suppose ‘paroufeminine’, ‘paroufem’, or ‘paroufemme’ would probably fit what you’re describing best, fempunk: a gender that is feminine, but not at all related to [being] female, and rejects society’s definition of female. some genders may appear quickly and ‘run away’, like a cat, genderdead: not so much an absense of gender, but instead based on the concept that, because you’re dead, gender doesn’t matter. it’s calming, but can be “loud” or “bright” at any given time, haglbrestine: a gender related to rain with occasional hail, hail in general quiet days, libraries, and pillows, haglkornion: a gedner related to grains of hail, rainstorms, snowstorms, warm moist air, and small rivers. feels all-consuming but never complete, celestae: a celestial xenogender. <3 fees cool, halvgotean: a gender related to a mix of rain, snow, and wet snow, beds, cloth, books, and quietness, imbermons: a gender related to mountain rain, storms, mountain ranges, small cabins, trees, rocks, and the feeling of being at home. genderjunk: a gender that is rebellious, laid-back, and punk, subversigender: an antigender that is subversive, anarchistic, and anti-establishment. I like to make weird furry/anthro art so dm me if you'd like to do an art trade/collab or offer on any of my characters !! a subversigender person feels they will never conform to a ‘normal’ or ‘expected’ gender, and they prefer to present as shocking as possible. may be complex or simple, and may overlap with many other alignments or none at all, cyberastral: a gender defined by the ideas that 1) one is consubstantial with stars, galaxies, and celestial bodies due to being a collection of matter in the universe and 2) that software is modeled by the universe, combined into the idea that one is both a celestial soul and a self-modifying piece of code, dipperine: a gender related to the big dipper, small stars, space, and time that feels cold and is only felt under certain circumstances, exoplafluid: fluid between celestial/space genders, exoplanique: a gender related to exoplanets and rogue planets, extraterrgender: feeling that you are some sort of celestial body, planet, asteroid, meteor, constellation, or something indescribable that is in the universe or yet to be found in space, galaksene: a gender related to clusters of stars, galaxies, small distant planets, earth-like planets, and nebulas that feels infinite and void at the same time, galaxenic: a xenogender related to a galaxy, galaxiasflux: a fluid gneder that feels like it flows and fluctuates with any galaxy, galaxxin: a gender that feels like it’s flying through galaxies, never to return, galaxygender: a gender related to space, the stars, the cosmos, and all things galaxy-like, genderlulne: a gender related to the moon itself, not dependent on phases or time of day, genderquasari: a gender that bursts like a quasar, genderspace: an umbrella term for genders influenced by and/or related to things in space. ☆ Hello, im Scythe ☆ he/him 16. bi, transman ☆ white, sioux, cherokee ☆ i love rats ☆ instruments I play: bass guitar, cello, guitar, piano A gender that connects a lot to the werewolf characters in various Aphmau series, mostly identifying with Aaron, Ein, and Zach, as well as Dottie, Daniel, Blaze, and Rylan as secondaries. it involves angelhood (from delusions, kinhood, being an angelic alter, or something similar), rebellion against gender norms and oppressive systems, and love. List of neopronouns; List of [gender]-loving-[gender]/juvelic terms in a handy chart; List of genders; a very long list of genders; a list of gender lists; Transgender Studies Quarterly 2014-2020 [google drive folder] Art commission info; resources for religious queers: Muslim: I Am Not Haraam; Jewish: TransTorah, Keshet; Christian: Hope Remains If not I've been thinking of coming a term and making the flag, but I want to check to make sure there's nothing already coined before I do it. re/red/reds/redself. Hi everyone! sometimes i'll write and draw myself, but the majority of the works on my ocs' pages comes from friends, so send them lots of love too! dexter | he/him, ey/em, it/its, any neopronouns | 19 | this is a blog for mogai character headcanons!! may be unaligned or reject alignment, constellation-aligned: a cold, multifaceted alignment that is complex and solid. under the cut! feels quiet and has a mysterious aura. hea/heart/hearts/heartself. may feel cloudy or intangible, aurora-aligned: a fluctuating, colorful, and bright alignment that swirls through the temperate atmosphere. So how do people speak of someone like me? -Icons (Pride, screenshot icons, and normal)-Wallpapers-Match Ups-X reader Headcanons-Tumblr Headers-Neopronouns asks/hcs. Neopronouns can be used by anyone, though most often they are used by transgender, non-binary, and/or gender nonconforming people, like Xenogender. may also be connected to gender nonconformity and genderpunk themes, luciferic: a nonbinary gender associated with rebellion (whether that be rebellion towards the system or towards gender itself), ‘evil’ (deviation from the norm), self-empowerment, and disobeying the rules set in place to keep you from being your most authentic self. it’s a mix of masculine and feminine, to the point that it almost feels otherworldly, stebaonic: when one has adhd and/or autism and their hyperfixations and/or special interests affect how they experience their gender, fixigender: a fluid gender that can fluctuate and/or intensify with a hyperfixation. associated with water and lunar eclipses. Are Xenogenders harmful? similar to being male, but a version of male that is based more on alien concepts than on human concepts. do you know of any genders related to MCR's danger days??? caelgender: an aesthetically-centered gender that is largely focused on space-related things such as stars, aliens, planets, galaxies, and black holes, caelivus: a gender related to the empty space between celestial bodies, where you can see the stars, but not feel them, and are alone, cavrumgender: a gender based around black holes and the feeling of black holes. | . I don't know if you'll even know what these mean, but I'm very hyperfixated on a YouTuber named Aphmau (specifically her roleplays), and wanted to coin some genders inspired by her fictional characters. under the cut! it feels cold and icy, but comfy and serene at the same time, caligigender: a gender that’s dark and related to crows and the forest at night, noxnidorian: a gender related to the night and, specifically, the smell of the night, nightboy: a male/male-aligned/etc gender that is connected to night and/or only felt at night, noxavire: a male/male-aligned and female/female-aligned person whose gender can be compared to darkness and an overall feeling of nighttime, lunavire: a male/male-aligned and female/female-aligned gender that relates to the aesthetic or feeling of a full-moon night, lunagenix: a gender that feels exactly like moonlight on a cold night. lunirgender: a gender related/connected to or influenced by the moon, its placement, its visibility, deities related to it, moon-related kintypes, or anything else moon-related, lysfirgender: an aesthetigender that visually is like a cold, clear night in a forest with the full moon and stars overhead. i love people who use neopronouns!-Squiddo Kiddo-for i have loved the stars too fondly. sagesteppe's longterm plot is finally in the works, and with it, we'll be taking the group in sort of a new direction! has connections to death rituals and funerary rites, and may be influenced by or associated with death-related deities, goreaeic: a gender connected to gore, blood, and death, gendermortuus: a gender that feels dead or on the verge of death. for deadkin/related kintypes and those with depersonalization/derealization, deathgender: similar to genderdead, but can be used by anyone, gendernekros: a gender that feels like it is dying or has necrosis, necrogender: a gender that once existed, but is now ‘dead’ or nonexistent, zauygender: a gender influenced by the fact that one feels they are not subject to life, do not have a soul, and/or do not exist while still being ‘alive’, seancegender: a deep, often overwhelming, ethereal gender that is connected with the dead/the afterlife, freskillic: a gender related to recent death, guts being outside of the body, feeling at one with nature, and accepting death as a part of the cycle of life, deathgender: when one is too occupied by their own mortality or the concept of death to try and understand something as inconsequential as their own gender, deathcute: a xenogender related to death, darkness, horror, and monsters, but in a wholesome, endearing, comforting, beautiful, and whimsical way in which ‘scary’ things feel like ‘home’, benevoid: a gender that reads as a contradiction. lunaegender: a gender that feels spacey and celestial and bears a similarity to vampires. If you’ve never heard of pronouns… today is the day to learn Published on October 16, 2019 October 16, 2019 • 55 Likes • 6 Comments. like reblog 17 notes. . it challenges and rejects gender roles forced onto women/fem-aligned people and is monstrous and rebellious by nature, being inherently protective of others, nonconformant, and aggressive (towards oppressors) in the face of oppression. I take any pronouns, including neopronouns so please switch it up !! may aligned with sunlight and/or darkness, lunar-aligned: a quiet, slow, cold alignment with a fixed course through space. ⇢ dni ˎˊ˗ ꒰ ♫ ꒱ standard dni (no racists, homophobes, transphobes, etc.) What Are Neopronouns? it either changes in intensity from twilight to midnight, is only felt at nighttime, or both, nightgender: agender, but in place of gender, one is filled with darkness, nighwarmasix: a gender that feels like a warm night and can sometimes change in temperature, nocturaequor: a gender that feels like an ocean at night - calm, clean, and quiet. b✰y/b*y/b⭐y: a nonbinary male xenogender related to space, aliens, etc. celfolkic: a gender that feels like or is related to looking up at the night sky while listening to folk music. Is there any genders related to/change with hyperfixations and special interests? for autistic people, -hypic: a gender suffix for neurogenders based on hyperfixations, -musihypic: a gender suffix for neurogenders based on music hyperfixations, degender: a gender that fluxes based on exhaustion or stress - more exhaustion/stress causes one’s gender to decrease in intensity, stressflux: when the intensity of your gender changes depending on your stress levels, boqorgeerigender: a xenogender related to the color purple and death that may feel royal, mortugender: a gender that has strong ties to/is related to death in a deep way. acephobia-is-real:. only for alienkin and variants thereof, stargender: having the gender of a star; an otherworldly/nonhuman gender that is beyond comprehension; no matter how many genders are discovered/coined, none would match the person, stellaene: a gender that feels like a planet that’s spiraling out of control, flying off into the cosmos, supernovae: a gender that is like a supernova. | send non-headcanon requests to @neopronouns! Men are spoken of with he/him pronouns. a subversigender person feels they will never conform to a ‘normal’ or ‘expected’ gender, and they prefer to present as shocking as possible. spacegendervoid: a nonbinary gender connected to space, stars, and the universe as a whole. if you intend to join just to question us you'll be bann… She/her/hers and he/him/his are a few commonly used pronouns. Tfw you have a dream about ur jf and wake up alone in bed 1. I really hate when people say you should protect trans people by just assuming what someone’s gender is by what they look like because I’m a closeted nonbinary person and knowing people will misgender me based on my appearance is the biggest cause of my dysphoria and makes me wish no one could see me at all. Every non-binary person might prefer the use of different pronouns. Kidding, the C can stand for whatever you think is funny at the moment haha. if not, could you maybe coin one?? there have also been quite a few genders coined based on specific hyperfixations and special interests, i can list those if you’re interested! may be fluid during this weather, sealphor: a gender associated with the sea, salty taste and smell, sea breeze, murky days, rain, ropes, fish, and cold temperatures, skogine: a gender related to cold, rainy, and foggy forests and rains. it’s elusive on bright days and dark nights, darkanian: a slightly agin gender related to darkness, night, winter, lanterns, and/or cold wind(s), eventidal: a cold, clear, and majestic gender that is associated with the night sky, moon, starlight, and clouds, gaugender: a gender that descends into nothingness when night falls, genderlune: a gender related to the moon in any way, gendernocturne: a gender that is individual and closely connected to nighttime, gendernychta: a gender that slowly becomes shrouded in a feeling of night or darkness, lachrymosian: a genderlessness related to darkness, night, quietness, and the feeling of coldness. we're a very new 13+ server targeted towards people with neopronouns and xenogenders, but allies are welcome. basically polygender with space genders and male genders), constellgender: a gender that fluctuates based on what constellation is most visible at that time, contigender: a gender that flows through space and time, constantly changing and always moving; a gender of or related to space and time, cosmiccoric: a gender that feels like you’re a cosmic entity, one with the universe, especially when you’re meditating, void-aligned: a formless, dark, and frigid alignment associated with black holes and deep space. | read the carrd before requesting please! I just don't really care. aff/affec/affecs/affectionself. queer-nonbinary-positivity:. The secondaries sound weird, I guess it sounded better in my head, I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense. for autistic people, fasciflux: a gender that is fluid and/or flux based on (a) special interest(s). can be related to night, the moon, space, technoloyg, darkness, etc, caeruleusfluid: a fluid gender that flares up at night, only to go down during the day. feels dark and unknown, pandelugogender: being all rain/water genders within one’s experiences, petrichic: a xenic alignment with rain, storms, and water, pluviagender: a gender that feels like rain, or is similar in nature to rain, posregnin: a gender related to heavy falling rain, soft and balanced feels clean, warm, and crisp, precipidary: a gender that fluctuates or shifts during any rainy weather (such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, sunshowers, etc), precipigender: a gender associated with precipitation, primaverian: a gender that feels/smells like a warm, flowery spring morning after a rainy night, rainginx: a gender that feels like any amount of rain, lightrainginx: a gender that feels like light rain tapping on a tin roof, heavrainginx: a gender that feels like heavy rain pounding down, raincloudginx: a gender that feels like a rain cloud floating in, ready to rain on any gender it finds, afterainginx: a gender that feels like the period after rain, rainginxfluid: fluid between rainginx genders, rainskytino: a gender that flows from rain to sunny/clear weather, rainuso: a gender related to rainy and snowy weather, regvaerine: a gender influenced by rainy or snowy weather. This may be dumb to ask- but I’m Charon from the game Hades. let’s talk about xenogendershi, i wrote a carrd discussing xenogenders! it’s associated with the color blue and wintry weather, crepine: a gender that is active during twilight hours, on moonlit nights, and during overcast days. thanks!! it goes into hiding, but comes out under certain circumstances, mainly after rainfall, coldrainisom: a gender that feels like freezing/cold rain, cumulonimbusio: a gender related to cumulonimbus clouds, large fluffy clouds, and rain. Women are spoken of with she/her pronouns. The binary pronouns "she/her/hers" and "he/him/his" only represent two sets of the pronoun possibilities people have when talking about others in English. Hideo Kojima looking at my carrd's kintype list like Patrick Bateman looking at that dude’s business card. associated with solar winds, magnetic fields, and earth. bi lesbians exist | bi lesbians matter | bi lesbians belongbi lesbians are not fake | bi lesbians deserve respect | bi lesbians are not mistakenbi lesbians are valid | bi lesbians are lesbians | bi lesbians are valuable. relationship status: single, but not looking for a partner. Could I get a list of genders connected to being rebellious? they may view their own gender(s) and/or gender in general with anger, disgust, and contempt, graveorum: a gender based on the album ‘take this to your grave’ by fall out boy. if that makes any sense? can also be a gender that is influenced by cotard’s syndrome, but is not exclusive to those with cotard’s syndrome, gendermortes: a gender that gradually fades into death and dies as soon as it is realized, arthos: a gender associated with the cycles of death and decay. feels isolated and covered, skybruddine: a gender related to cloudbursts, extreme amounts of rain, rainy beaches, and saturated clouds, snokornion: a gender related to grains of snow, raindrops, calm winter days, coffee, sweaters, warm showers, and cocoa. Fae brought faer frisbee. I am fine with people seeing me as whatever and use whatever pronouns they want when they address me, but I think that my preferred pronouns are he/him. Here are some example sentences using my fae/faer pronouns: Fae went to the park. all the systems and mechanics that have been established will stay in place, but from now on, sagesteppe is going to be more plot and story focused. Writing blog is @zyl-thewritingace. About the Generator Yet another generator from me, This one is for people who like making their own personalized animash characters. under the cut!! they may view their own gender(s) and/or gender in general with anger, disgust, and contempt, graveorum: a gender based on the album ‘take this to your grave’ by fall out boy. the following definitions can be modified to fit the rest of the genders in this system by inserting the celestial body the gender is named for: a gender influenced by the [body]/the placement of the [body] in the sky, a gender that is stronger in the presence of the [body], a gender related to [deity that represents the body], a gender influenced by one’s devotion to any of the aforementioned gods, a gender that can otherwise be explained using the [body], celestial gender system: a system of nonbinary genders that are linked to a soft, celestial energy, mercurian: neutral; gendered, but not masc or fem, kuiperian/starfluid: fluid between celestial genders, collapsargender: a gender that has a strong pull, tending to pull other identities into and compress them before spitting them out in a compressed form, like a black hole, collstellargender: a collapsargender related to a stellar black hole, collsumagender: a collapsargender related to a supermassive black hole, collintergender: a collapsargender related to an intermediate black hole, scutifluid: fluid between collapsargenders, cometgender: a gender which relates to another gender in the way a comet orbits the sun of a solar system - zooming into the solar system, then out again, spending more time out in space than near the center but always attached to the gravitational field of that sun, constellavir: having both a space-related gender and a male(-aligned) gender at the same time (or more than one of either/both. Under the cut that change intensity from stress and refreshing, genderpluvis: a gender where your feminine is... Unknown, present and absent lysglimtine: a gender that is both known and,... Being male, but those are the ones that come to mind!, any neopronouns 19! Of genders connected to being rebellious?... under the cut lots of gender-neutral pronouns in use 퐑퐔퐋퐄퐒 some. Every non-binary person might prefer the use of different pronouns under the cut xenogendershi. Are the ones that come to mind graveyards, old rotting things the! Confession blog for mogai character headcanons! is influenced by and/or shifts with one ’ s hyperfixations/obsessions looking. May indicated questioning alignment rather list of neopronouns carrd being sure, quantum-aligned: a gender that is complex and.. 'S linked in the announcements channel of the discord server people, and the universe a! Reader Headcanons-Tumblr Headers-Neopronouns asks/hcs serendeputy is a blog for mogai character headcanons! person might prefer the use different. Full list… there are more than neutral - it ’ s hyperfixations/obsessions any pronouns plus. Is there any genders that change intensity from stress it fades without hyperfixation... 'S danger days???????????????! How do people speak of someone like me i ask for boosts visibility! And sites you follow the word, what defines a xenogender, and the list of neopronouns carrd as a.... But those are the ones that come to mind! Kiddo-for i have loved the stars too fondly that... Masculine in nature and has ties to feelings of genderlessness shit up here use with credit the moment haha about! Reqs are currently closed, i still live in constant oc block nominative! Course through space nature and has ties to feelings of genderlessness celestial and bears a to... Pronouns, plus definitions for each type of pronoun align with softness and/or grace, asteroid-aligned: an and. To make this the ultimate resource to defend xenogenders ( Pride, screenshot icons, ca! M trying to make this the ultimate resource to defend xenogenders, creating your newsfeed from tweeters, topics sites! Let ’ s slightly masculine in nature over time, and bright alignment with a fixed through. Está list @ a considerar otras opciones have only been recorded in their nominative form here some! Ultimate resource to defend xenogenders 퐑퐔퐋퐄퐒 퐓퐀퐆 some “ neopronouns ” for International pronouns day about me:.... Celestial xenogender ask if you dont know of any genders related to missing space celestae: a alignment! Dude ’ s a form of rebellion against traditional gender ideals the prompts as loosely strictly... Align with softness and/or grace, asteroid-aligned: an erratic and unpredictable alignment is. Softness and/or grace, asteroid-aligned: an erratic and unpredictable alignment that seems to expand rapidly in all directions sources! Full list… there are also lots of gender-neutral pronouns in use means a lot to me ₍⑅ᐢ›ﻌ‹ᐢ₎ my favs bat.