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Immigrant teen vs. immigration system: can anyone win? Visit

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I Am This Land


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  1. Immigrant teens on life in America.
    Stories. Photos. Animations.

A Break Through Campaign


Submit Your Video

Please submit your video at the bottom of this page.

But first, read through official rules. And here’s a quick bullet list of things to keep in mind:

*You must use the phrase I AM THIS LAND in your video about diversity. You can make any type of video: an animation, short documentary, music video, any genre, just give us goosebumps!

*You can definitely be the only person in your video (because we feel that you are that special :)), but if you want to include someone else’s image or voice (everyone must be 18), think: your best friend, boss, mom, neighbor, please download and have them sign THIS RELEASE FORM.  We may ask for the release later!

*Make your video. I AM THIS LAND is a response to a year of divisive rhetoric; it is Breakthrough’s call for a more positive and open-minded future for our country. The new year provides the opportunity to celebrate our diversity and recommit to building a society that values dignity, equality and justice. Join us by making a video that uses the phrase I AM THIS LAND, and share your hopes for diversity, inclusion and acceptance in the U.S. You can also enter to win a DJ Hero by participating via Twitter!

Things to think about:
Diversity and how it contributes to your life and the country
Your ideas and your vision of what it means to live in America
Why is diversity so important? And why should it be celebrated?

* You will be judged on:
• Overall impact (message about diversity, story-telling, emotional feeling we’re left with after watching) – Be powerful, you can do it!
• Creativity
 – Use your imagination when thinking about how you use the words, I AM THIS LAND
• Video – You don’t have to be Scorsese or Spike Lee, but it couldn’t hurt your chances. We’re kidding! Video newbies are very welcome.

*Are you old enough? If you celebrated your 18th birthday at some point in your life, then you’re old enough to submit a video. So get filming! 13-year-olds to 18-year-olds, even though you can’t submit, be sure to lend your vote.

*Upload below between November 16th and January 21st. Click for the contest timeline.

* Ask nicely. Vote and tell your friends to vote! On Facebook and Twitter write – “RT: Watch and vote for my film! [Include link to your film here]” Say please!

*What do you win? You’re entered to win $2500, see other pretty cool prizes here.


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