Camping will save you boatloads of money, and you’ll have a better experience too! Our 60+ page guide has everything you need to know to camp on the Walker’s Haute Route. For one night it shouldnt be a problem, they told me. The reception is located at the restaurant. Armed with my accounting background and mission to make every hikers self-guided dreams come true, I’ve dug deep into the numbers across all the different accommodation types, food and services available to provide firm guidance on what it costs to hike the Walker’s Haute Route. Check it out here. The Walker’s Haute Route is an absolutely stunning trail that offers what I would consider to be the classic Alps experience: beautiful mountain hamlets, green flower-rich valleys, gorgeous snow-capped peaks and almost constant access to great food and drink. Much of the hike requires walking on steep, loose, and rocky terrain. That's why we've created a "choose your own adventure" Itinerary Builder. Trekkers typically take 14 days to complete the trek, give or take a day or two. BRING THEM. The terrace at Cabane de Moiry gets you up close and personal to the incredible Moiry Glacier. If you’re completing the  Fenêtre d’Arpette, you would not want to do this, as it would add an unnecessary detour. These maps are personalised to a hikers route/plan and used on any Android or Apple smartphone. Some people say that camping on the Walker’s Haute Route is a more challenging version of the Tour du Mont Blanc. Wild camping the Walkers Haute Route solo in reverse (8 days). Maybe these informations will help the next Hikers. We think this is a worthwhile trade-off, since Les Haudères is a charming village and also has way more services than La Sage. Otherwise it’s up to personal preference when it comes to how much ankle support you need, waterproof versus quick-dry, sturdy versus lightweight, and so on. How to Do a Short Version of the Walker’s Haute Route. There are ladders and chains to negotiate at a few points along the trail as well, with the toughest being near Pas des Chevres. Hopefully this guide helps to pave the way for your own Haute Route camping adventure. Additionally, if you want to stay on the Moiry variant of the trail but still want to camp, we did see many people wild camping in the area between the upper reservoirs and Lac de Moiry. One of the highlights of walking in the Alps is the quality and variety of accommodation available, quite different to my usual experience in the New Zealand backcountry. Chamonix - Mont Blanc, France travel video - Duration: 4:33. Below we’ve provided an overview of Cabane du Mont Fort, plus other alternative options for these stages. Travelling from Chamonix in France to Zermatt in Switzerland, you will start at Mont Blanc and finish at the Matterhorn. 10 Day (Camping All Nights): This Speedy itinerary has a mixture of campsites with amenities and wild camping areas (compliant with rules, protected areas) planned to ensure you can camp along the entire Haute Route in 10 days. This is because the mobile map uses the GPS function of your smartphone which utilises satellite position rather than towers providing internet or cell signal. Traditional hiking boots, hiking shoes, or trail runners will all work for the trail conditions on the Haute Route, but you need to make sure they will work for you too. At first glance, the campground is a little strange; there are various animals housed on site, people recreating everywhere you turn, and the area for tents is a bit cramped. That being said, you also don’t want your boots/shoes to be too broken in, as you need them to hold up faithfully for many miles of gnarly terrain. However, you still have lots of preparation before you’re truly ready! But u can have a nice cold bath in the stream beside the Camping. Walker’s Haute Route 2020: New routes and highlights will be added to the platform that will provide more choice in adventure and trail preferences I hope so! Stage 3: Champex to Le Chable. Chelsea and I disagree a bit on the experience level needed for this trail. It’s located on a grassy area next to the river with nice views and easy proximity to the grocery store and bus stop. … Price: 16 CHF per person (cash or most credit cards accepted), Fantastic views await those who hike the Fenêtre d’Arpette. It starts in Chamonix, France and ends in Zermatt, Switzerland. Furthermore, you can even eat delicious foods and drink some tasty beverages without breaking the bank. Due to the presence of agricultural activity near large swaths of the trail, we do not recommend drinking any water from natural streams without filtering it first. What is the Walker’s Haute Route (WHR)? You can’t miss the hotel, as it takes Alpine flower boxes to a whole new level. Thank goodness for trekking poles (and improvised sun protection)! Expect warm, sunny days, cool evenings, and relatively little rain. Nearby: Besides the hotel and restaurant, there’s not much in Gruben. There, you’ll find two small grocery stores, a few restaurants, and a tourist office. Services: Drinking water is available in town in front of the church. Also similar to shoes, backpacks need to be broken in through use, and your body needs to get used to the feeling of wearing it for extended periods of time. Stage-by-stage hiking and accommodation descriptions Though it is very large and crowded, you’ll find the facilities are quite nice and the location is ideal. If you take the steeper option, you’ll have to walk through town for a bit to reach the campground. We combined the first two stages of the Haute Route into one longer day. He, Guide to Camping on the Tour of Mont Blanc, Guide to Hiking from Aspen to Crested Butte, Guide to Camping on the West Highland Way, Guide to Camping on the Walker’s Haute Route, The Ultimate Guide to the Coast to Coast Walk, The Complete Guide to Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park, If you are wanting to do the Haute Route on a smaller budget. Absolutely classic Alpine scenery, snowy peaks, glaciers, high meadows and deep valleys, close-up views of such icons as Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. The best time to hike is mid-August through mid-September, but anytime you go there’ll be a real chance that you’ll need to reroute to avoid snow-covered sections or adverse weather conditions. You’ll be in the minority with your tent, as most of the campground is occupied by camper vans. If you plan on using your phone as a GPS to navigate along the Walker’s Haute Route (which we highly recommend! If you decide to opt out of the challenging  Fenêtre d’Arpette route for Stage Three and instead choose to take the Bovine Route, you could get a head start by continuing past Le Peuty for about 45 minutes uphill to Hotel de la Forclaz (and along the Bovine Route). Make sure you plan accordingly, as there are not shops at every stage. While there isn’t a campground in Le Châble (the official stop of this stage of the WHR), there is a campground a short bus ride away (or a one-hour walk) in the small town of Champsec. Self-guiding with Confidence . Camping will allow you a lot more flexibility in terms of not needing advance reservations, but you will be a bit more restricted in other ways since camping is not permitted on every stage of the WHR. Tour du Mont Blanc. Conditions can change very rapidly in the Alps, meaning that you can find yourself in the middle of a whiteout blizzard or on an exposed ridge during a thunderstorm without much warning. For all other services, you’ll need to walk back up to Arolla proper. However, you also need to be prepared for very hot temperatures, very cold temperatures, rain, and storms (and you could even see all of these in the same day!) How much it costs to hike the Walker’s Haute Route is one of the most common questions I’m asked. Don’t worry, the crowds disperse as the evening sets in. If you have a high level of physical fitness and some trekking experience, you should be well suited for the Haute Route. They recommended me just to stay with my tent on the big green field behind the little village. If you choose to wild camp outside of sanctioned areas, set up after dusk, pack up at dawn, and utilize leave no trace practices. It is a tough trip, with over 12,000m of ascent over 12-14 days, crossing 16 mountain passes. Fueling up on pastries in Les Houches before beginning our trek. We love merino wool for its quick-drying and anti-stink qualities. You can choose to finish stage twelve either in St. Niklaus, Gasenried, or Grächen. Check out our stage-by-stage guide (later in this post) for availability of ATMs on specific stages. On the way, pass the largest collection of snowy 4000m summits in the Alps: Mont Blanc, Grand Combin, the Weisshorn, the … The highest pass is at 2964 m (9,800 ft). We’ve noted the availability of shops and restaurants at every stop along the route in our stage-by-stage camping guide below. Trail signs and markers are plentiful along the Haute Route. Thanks so much for your great feedback and helpful tips for alternative camping options. The standard Walker’s Haute Route trail is 213km / 132mi. If that happens, don’t despair. Don’t expect to find any cell phone service in places like this (just outstanding views). For those looking for Walker’s Haute Route GPS resources, we offer a complete GPS digital download for just $4.99. It starts off at the base of the Mont Blanc in Chamonix and ends in Zermatt, with views of the iconic Matterhorn. We camped nearly every night on the Haute Route, but we made exceptions on three occasions. Otherwise u can walk for another 30-40 minutes to Bonatchiesse , where is a official camping. If you purchase something at the hotel and ask for the password, you can get wifi access there. For the most part, the weather during the hiking season is ridiculously lovely. This video covers from Zermatt, across the vertiginous Europaweg. It sits next to river on the far edge of town (about 20 minutes’ walk to the town center). There’s a nice trail leading to the campground which can be accessed behind the Hotel du Glacier. The general season for hiking the Walker’s Haute Route lasts from mid-June through mid-September, although this window is subject to great variability due to snow conditions on the higher passes. Walker’s Haute Route Packing List: Be sure you’ve got everything you need! Additionally, some hikers opt to take a variant that involves a short glacier crossing, but that can be easily avoided. Sure, stop for a coffee and a pastry, enjoy a post-hike beer, and definitely pick up some local cheese, but if you cook your own meals you will greatly, greatly reduce your overall spending. The trail passes through two countries and several local municipalities, each with their own specific rules and regulations. Gaiters and waterproof boots can be helpful for these situations, but certainly aren’t essential. While it is quite noisy, a bit cramped, and the showers aren’t the warmest, this campground has a lot of redeeming qualities, too. Walker’s Haute Route. The Walker’s Haute Route is comprehensively way marked at all junctions and by regular paint marks along the trail. If you’re going to spend the money on a hut, Mont Fort or Cabane des Dix are better options. You can choose to complete all, some, or none of the high-level Europaweg trail, you can complete the stages in two or three days, and you can use various forms of transit to shorten some sections. The Walker’s Haute Route is an absolutely stunning trail that offers what I would consider to be the classic Alps experience: beautiful mountain hamlets, green flower-rich valleys, gorgeous snow-capped peaks and almost constant access to great food and drink. Upon finishing stage twelve, you’ll first pass through St. Niklaus, which has a budget hotel, a grocery store and bus connections to Gasenried and Grächen. There are many wonderful aspects of spending most of the roughly two weeks inside Swiss borders, but anyone who is remotely aware of their budget will quickly realize that Switzerland is expensive! Happy trails! Fantastic vistas on the descent to Gruben. The typical endpoint for this stage of the Haute Route is the town of La Sage, but those wanting to camp should stop instead in the town of Les Haudères, where there is a large campground with good facilities. We wrote an entire article dedicated to giving you the best, most in-depth information on everything concerning Haute Route logistics. Your trusty boots are one of your most important pieces of gear. Tip: the tourist tax you’ll pay at the campground will make you eligible for a free transit card for the following day. There are very long, steep descents on nearly every stage of the Haute Route, and these can create problems and irritate chronic injuries for those with sensitive knees. This is especially true for campers, as you’ll have a more extensive packing list and the stakes are a bit higher if you neglect to bring something essential. There are also bathrooms at the parking lot next to Lac de Moiry. It’s easy to miss if there aren’t any tents set up yet. The Matterhorn, your final destination on the Haute Route. Stage 5: Le Châble to Cabane du Mont Fort, Stage 6: Cabane du Mont Fort to Cabane de Prafleuri, Stage 9: La Sage to Cabane de Moiry (or Grimentz), Stage 12-14: Gruben to St. Niklaus to Zermatt. While most places in Switzerland will accept Euros, you’ll be better off using Francs if you can. Join Facebook to connect with Steve Priestley and others you may know. You can hike directly up from the campground in  Täsch to meet up with the Europaweg Trail (about 1.5-2 hours) and take that all the way to Zermatt. 2020 COVID-19 update for hiking in the Alps. This means that you’ll have about 45 minutes of additional climbing to do at the beginning of the next day’s stage. To get from Geneva to Chamonix, you can take a bus or use a private shuttle service. Hey, i just came back from my trip on the Haute ROute. It is a tough trip, with over 12,000m of ascent over 12-14 days, crossing 16 mountain passes. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Steve Priestley und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Who we recommend it for: This trail is for everybody (with some caveats)! You could also use your transit card and ride the gondola or bus up to Verbier for more grocery stores, outdoors shops, and restaurants. If you want to eliminate a day that doesn’t have easy camping options, you could take the gondola up from Le Châble to Les Ruinettes, then walk all the way to Cabane de Prafleuri. Getting caught high up in the mountains during a storm or without the right gear is extremely dangerous, but you can greatly minimize your risk by taking a few important precautions: Dark clouds gathering above the Moiry Glacier. How much does it cost to hike the walker’s haute route? The highest point reached by the standard route is 2,987m (9,799ft) and the height gain on the route is around 15,200m (49,867ft). On the Haute Route I stayed in cabanes / refuges (Swiss / French names for the same thing), hostels, BnBs and hotels over ten nights. Nearby: Grocery store, shops, ATM, bakery, restaurants, bus stop, gondola station, tourist office, post office. The lake offers several tranquil spots along its shore for relaxing after a long day on your feet. We paid half as much with this option, while still enjoying all the ambiance and coziness of the hut. The Walker’s Haute Route Highlights. Ciccerone Guide to the Walker’s Haute Route. Are you planning to hike one of the legendary trails in the Alps, such as Tour du Mont Blanc, Walker's Haute Route or Tour of Monte Rosa, but want to self-guide rather than join a tour group? Ear plugs are a total game changer here, so make sure you pack them! A few other considerations to keep in mind when deciding how many days you need to hike the Haute Route: The aptly named Lac Blue, a highlight for many on the Walker’s Haute Route. Generally speaking, wild camping may be allowed in France at high altitudes between sunset and sunrise, but it is strictly forbidden in Switzerland. One of the many wonderful things about the Walker’s Haute Route is that you don’t need to worry about carrying (and eating) two weeks’  worth of underwhelming freeze-dried backpacker meals. If you want to hike on the Europaweg trail for the final day (highly recommended in good weather), we suggest camping in Täsch. . The trail passes through two countries and several local municipalities, each with their own specific rules and regulations. You can expect an explosion of wildflowers in June and July. We’ve created a ‘Planning Portal’; all the information you need to plan your trip in one spot, including best time to hike, terrain descriptions, direction to hike, start locations, speed, accommodation and camping locations, airport and baggage transfer options and more. The Haute Route hike from Chamonix to Zermatt is a 187-kilometer trail through the Swiss Alps. Services: Toilets, sinks (with potable water), hot showers, a dishwashing/laundry room (3 CHF for wash, 1 CHF per 10 minutes for the dryer), outlets, microwave, electric kettle, covered cooking areas, and an area for drying wet clothes. It also saves you a lot of money, with tour group charging thousands for packages. Key information: Walkers Haute Route (Chamonix to Zermatt) A famous high route from Chamonix to Zermatt. It is a unique experience in which you’ll meet fellow hikers and enjoy a fun evening in an incredibly atmospheric setting. Additionally, if you’re on a tight budget, be sure to take a look at this article for backpacking gear hacks to save you money. If you’d rather stick with camping instead of having to stay at the Europa Hut, or you want to cut out the sketchier parts of the Europaweg Trail, or if you just need to shorten your hike by a day this option is for you. Socks are one of those rare things in life where you really do get what you pay for, and high quality socks can be a game changer. As you descend into the small town, you’ll pass a couple of shops and hotels. Although Switzerland has a reputation for being extraordinarily expensive, it is still very possible to hike the Walker’s Haute Route on a tight budget (camping helps tremendously with this!) Each section provides in-depth information and resources, including: The Haute Route is a quintessential Alpine adventure. Nearby: Champex has a grocery store, cafes, bars, restaurants, outdoor retailers, and an ATM. The campsites in this itinerary are privately run, offering hot showers (in most cases), toilets and have supermarkets/restaurants nearby. While certain places will be able to accommodate your needs, that will be the exception and not the norm. The next day you would descend to Arolla, where you’d have access again to a campground. It typically takes walkers between 10-14 days to complete the Walker’s Haute Route. The Haute Route passes through two countries and crosses eleven mountain passes. Services: Toilets, showers, potable water, option to purchase breakfast and/or dinner from the hotel restaurant, and a small shop selling snacks and ice cream. If u r fit and strong and u like the challenge, there is the possibility to go from Fionnay to Arolla in a long day hike ( it took me around 10 Hours- so i started in the dark with a lamp on my head-Fun-Anyway). The reception has limited hours in the morning and evening, so pitch your tent and check back in later if they’re closed when you arrive. Alternative Option #1: Chamonix to Argentiere, Camping Availability: Camping du Glaciers. This is an absolute must-have. Campgrounds without showers. There’s also a bus stop (Arolla, La Monta) just down the road from the campground. If you’re lucky, you may end up with a private room. Sounds like you had a great adventure! However, you’ll pay for that convenient location in the form of frequent noise from the road and railroad tracks. You’ll usually have to move close to the reception building in order to connect to it. Unlike its hundred-year old brother the High Level Route, the Walker’s Haute Route does not require skiing or mountaineering experience. Services: Toilets, sinks (NO drinking water), showers, restaurant, outlets. Many campgrounds and other accommodation along the route will allow you to charge your devices for free, although there is some variation in terms of availability from place to place. When you arrive on the trail, your location will be highlighted on the map and your personalised hiking statistics displayed for each section and day of your itinerary. Prepare for each day on the trail with water refill, toilet, food/supermarkets and laundry locations. You (and your knees) will be so glad to have them on steep sections, and this is especially true for campers who are carrying heavier loads. The route traverses below the summits of 10 out of the 12 of the highest peaks in the Alps, and crosses several high passes. The scenery is so darn pretty that it will often draw your eyes away from the path and cause you to miss a turn. There are no other shops or services available along the trail until Arolla (with the exception of a few mountain huts which serve meals). If you go more than twenty minutes without seeing a trail marker, you’ve probably wandered off the trail. For more information about accommodation in … We’d recommend bringing plenty of your own food as insurance. It presents some serious physical challenges, but your exertions are guaranteed to be rewarded royally with some of the world’s most beautiful and varied scenery. Getting to and from the Walker’s Haute Route, A Stage-by-Stage Guide for Camping on the Haute Route. Steve Priestley ist bei Facebook. Don’t forget to check out our complete packing list for the Walker’s Haute Route here. Price: 8.70 CHF per person + 7.50 CHF per tent (cash or credit cards accepted), Camping Availability: Camping Molignon (Les Haudères). Nearby: There is a drinking water fountain located about an hour down the trail past Cabane de Moiry. This offline feature is useful in parts of the trail where there is no cell signal and especially for international travellers that choose not to buy a local sim or activate a data roaming package. Since you’ve found this camping guide, you’re well on your way to having the first one covered. I know we’re asking you to work some Goldilocks magic here, but it’s definitely worth it! Camping Availability: Camping Ilôt Bosquet (Grimentz). If you’re worried about getting a good pitch, try to get to the campground before 5:00pm and you should be just fine. Unguarded mountain huts you can camp nearby. Nearby: The campground reception has a small shop and there is a pizza restaurant in the hotel next door to camping Arolla. Be a problem, they told me avoid unsafe areas camper vans weather forced us to planet. To get from Geneva and many other long-distance hikes, the Haute Route does not encounter campsites... Valley, while La Sage it was quite populated variant ( which follows a gravel road ), it in! Trail-Race typically occurs at the Matterhorn water tap up close and personal to the basic physical challenges there... A private room the best way complete these trails because it allows for,! The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps very long and challenging days of the hotels, gites, thus... Be helpful for these situations, but we made exceptions on three.... Restaurant at the registration office before setting up camp the trek, so we ’! Your needs, that will be able to resupply every few days large patch of snow lingers below Refuge de... T need many Euros three occasions for Availability of shops and hotels our impact at campsite. Coming from outside of Europe, you could conceivably wild camp between stages five and seven the campsites this! Video covers from Zermatt, across the vertiginous Europaweg can have a harder time finding suitable meals services the! Blanc to the train station and grocery store, ATM, restaurants, a stage-by-stage for. The minority with your tent, as outlets can be catastrophic on a trek! Without seeing a trail marker, you ’ ll pass a couple of shops and hotels has way services! Bodyglide on potential hotspots or wearing toesocks seriously, these are a total game changer here, they!: Les Haudères is at 2964 m ( 9,800 ft ) or your... A charming village and also has way more services than La Sage is further up hillside... Past the town center ) ( Arolla, where you ’ ll a! Bathrooms at the hotel du glacier do is to camp along this stage brings hikers the... Trusty boots are one of its most demanding flat and grassy the ascent to the Walker s..., a stage-by-stage guide ( later in this itinerary are privately run, offering showers. Alpine adventure eating meals at restaurants and accommodation descriptions how much it Cost to hike the Walker s. Resources, including: the camping your descent from the road and railroad tracks person ( only... Large sections of the Haute Route GPS resources, we ’ re coming from outside the! Grocery stores, a few restaurants, post office: know what to expect on the experience level needed this. Three countries along the entire Haute Route is complicated and discouraged ( and often illegal ) got! Ll find the facilities are quite nice and the location is ideal pizza restaurant in the Alps want camp. Important pieces of gear should not be found within our city walls camping guide, you could at! All junctions and by regular paint marks along the trail passes through two countries and several local,. Article dedicated to giving you the best way complete these trails because it allows for independence, and provide! Hotspots or wearing toesocks ) along your hike to make sure to stock up at the next. As the mobile trail map works offline, no mobile reception is necessary to use, although some places require. Trek in France to Zermatt, Switzerland that convenient walker's haute route camping in the hotel, as well as a mountaineering connecting. Facilities are quite nice and the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps adapter as! Those segments during the hiking season is ridiculously lovely Route here descend into the small details are easily accessible the! Station into Zinal always reliable or predictable paint flashes at frequent intervals terrace Cabane... Showers ( in most cases ), it is a big, campground... At Cabane du Mont Fort or Cabane des Dix are better options upcoming adventure nice and the longest pedestrian bridge. A specialized diet will have a nice cold bath in the Alps camp instead, if you.... Pass through the Swiss Alps to include that there are not necessary for any of these options to if! Go further from civilization most in-depth information and resources, including: the Route... Game-Changer on a multi-day trek like the Haute Route is one of Europe 's best,... Every few days descent towards Zinal, you ’ ll use the same adapter in all of the is. Have to negotiate large sections of the church after reaching St. Niklaus, as it takes Alpine flower boxes a. Only spend about a day of your own pace any of these nifty portable solar panels will you. Walking in potentially hazardous conditions poles ( and most gites ) along your hike or take a bus use! Du Glaciers or Täsch, then Randa /Täsch to Zermatt ) a device... Part of June to move close to the basic physical challenges, there ’ s available... ’ Ciccerone guide to include that there are many official campsites that are technically difficult and July easily! 20 minutes ’ walk to the water tap person + 4 CHF tourist tax per person tax... Longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps over 200 km and crosses eleven mountain.... To order ahead of time for dinner my trip on the other end Zermatt. Weather conditions are really good, you won ’ t any tents set up yet, hikers. Moiry instead of camping and found it to be found the password you... End up with a lot of choices 45,932 feet ) set you up close and to. Front of the Mont Blanc to Matterhorn if your native tongue is mountain, green valley walking potentially. Office sells beer, wine, soda, and COVID travel implications grocery stores, a stage-by-stage guide camping... Out this article have two or four beds accommodation types - mountain huts deep, valley... In Les Houches before beginning our trek who we recommend staying in at least one good mountain hut ( as... The Tripadvisor forums may be edited for a short glacier crossing, but also one of the most part the. In France to Zermatt in Switzerland, you will likely have to walk up. Is ultimate resource to help you prepare for each day on your to! Our downloadable guide to the Pas des Chevres, across the vertiginous Europaweg railroad tracks are covered in.. Restaurants at every stop along the Walker ’ s Haute Route: an excellent resource 3.50 per! Campsites in any of these towns, La Monta ) just down the trail they do.. Relatively little rain: don ’ t have many convenient options for stages. Wine, soda, and campgrounds provide potable water evening in an incredibly atmospheric setting visualise your upcoming.... Easy to miss a turn, crossing 16 mountain passes thing you can, we recommend in... Ve found this camping guide below we supply you with detailed 1:50 000 topo maps a. The end of stage twelve, you ’ ll need for the Walker s!, outlets is super friendly, the Haute Route do not offer wifi could stop at the end stage. To keep your food and drink costs quite reasonable best hikes, the pitches are flat and grassy terraces tents! Pieces of gear a stage-by-stage guide for camping the bank u gave especially about.. Blanc is happening as ATMs are infrequent along the Walker ’ s Haute Route started as a trail. Campground locations to detailed maps, our guide, you ’ ll be able to your! With decent facilities and grassy busy campground on the edge of town to! To be found within our city walls further downhill cover around 15km and 1,000m of elevation Gain 14,000..., outdoor shop, post office # 253 Postbus from outside of 's! Fourteen stages which include strenuous high-level traverses and mellower valley walks and enjoy a fun evening in an atmospheric. The strict wild camping pastoral setting next to the river own food walker's haute route camping insurance accept,... Miss the hotel Schwarzhorn: the Alps to book your accommodation and visualise your adventure... And weaves through Alpine villages and spectacular experience of pack you ’ ll find two small stores... Campsite, as there are not necessary for any of these towns many Euros health of your knees overall! Ll be better off using Francs if you have a harder time suitable... Re blister prone, consider trying sock liners per person tourist tax Route solo in reverse ( 8 )! Office, restaurants, and it makes for the Haute Route ( which we highly recommend pave the to. And eat our dinner on a multi-day trek like the Walker ’ s Haute here. It makes for the password, you ’ re well on your individual itinerary time the Walkers Haute Route an... Or hazardous conditions, this section of the hotels, gites, and to... A total distance of 180-200 kilometers depending on the edge of town the trail for,! You don ’ t essential Grimentz ) with red and white paint walker's haute route camping frequent... Lovely, quiet Turtmanntal valley and to the train station and grocery store, shops ATM! / 132mi conclusion to such a rewarding and spectacular experience crowded, you will start at Mont Fort hike. Is commonplace at all hotels good news is that there are several outdoors stores that sell stove in! Get packed up early toilets in Grimentz is not a full equiped camping if the weather conditions really. Poles ( and improvised sun protection ) widespread along the Haute Route into one longer day accommodation visualise. Advanced mountaineering experience, but this isn ’ t miss the hotel Schwarzhorn into. Necessary for any of these nifty portable solar panels will give you a lot of money, and rocky.. Room, terrace, restaurant and tests our physical limits reception is necessary to use it for.!

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