nov. ) and Eumenes quadratus obsoletus Dover, 1926 is synonymised with Eumenes quadratus quadratus Smith, 1852 ( syn. One new synonymy is proposed. Three genera and 15 species of Vietnamese wasps belonging to the subfamily Vespinae of the family Vespidae are recorded. The Strong AI Singularity scenario is fundamentally flawed because it falls short in estimating how AI will co-evolve/develop with its environment, which you get at nicely. ♀. Head, mesosoma and metasoma finely, . Truyện Thể loại Action - Thể loại này thường có nội dung về đánh nhau, bạo lá»±c, hỗn loạn, với diễn biến nhanh - Trang 13 Legs yellow except all coxa, all trochanters, basal half of fore and mid femora and hind femora almost entirely. Pruthi, ZSIK. A total of 38 species belonging to 26 genera of Eumeninae are recorded from Hong Kong, among which two new species, namely Allorhynchium radiatumsp. et la Princesse Léopold de Belgique. Giordani Soika, A. (1922) A note on the Diplopterous, Dusmet, J.M. Schulthess, R.A. von (1935) Hymenoptera aus des Sundainseln und Nord. Hyder Ali. (1944) Risultati di raccolte imenotterologiche in Sicilia. Mitteilungen der Schweizerischen Entomolo, Abhandlungen der Deutschen Akademie der W, Memoirs of the Department of Agriculture in India, Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of, Bollettino del Museo civico di storia naturale di V, Nachrichtenblatt der Bayerischen Entomologen. This is the first time the species has been found in America, and the genus has never been found in Chile before. Documentation of Indian Vespid (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) fauna, Vespidae of Vietnam (Insecta : Hymenoptera) 1. A catalogue of Philippine Hymenoptera (with a bibliography, 1758-1963). Tu Å£ii Numele Meu, şi n-ai lepădat credinÅ£a Mea nici chiar în zilele acelea cînd Antipa, martorul Meu credincios, a fost ucis la voi, acolo unde locuieşte Satana. 57, T2, dorsal view. Tomoyuki Yamashita. Body black with yellow and ferruginous marking, Giordani Soika, 1960: 159 (key), 160, ♂, ♀ (in subgenus, Giordani Soika. A while ago, the bronze statue of The Boxer at Rest made headlines in The Greek Reporter.It certainly is one of the most lifelike and realistic masterpieces from antiquity that has survived the recycling melting ovens.. Giordani Soika A. Nuovi Vespidi mediterranei ed etiopici appartenenti ai generi Eumenes, Leptomenes, Odynerus e Pterochilus // Bollettino del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Venezia. I. ); Dalla T, ) [Kyrgyzstan] “Rivière Petite Almatinka, Tian-, (Figs 6–8). Vinu, Regd. median spot; scape below; mark on interantennal space touching base of clypeus; narrow line from clypeus along, lower half of inner orbits; line on temple towards vertex, upper metapleuron; large sublateral mark on propodeum; two sublateral spots at middle and narrow apical band on. Flagellum, on scutum, most of scutellum, mesopleura and propodeum y, convex as usual; apical antennal article broadened at base, sharply pointed at apex and reaching to middle of 10, clypeus; mark on interantennal space, broadened at lower frons and extended to base of clypeus; linear m. inner orbit below ocular sinus (sometimes absent); linear mark on temple towards vertex; ventral side of scape; broad band on pronotum and margin of pronotum adjacent to mesoscutum; tegula; parategula; scutellum; spot on, mesopleuron; small and large spot on sides of propodeum; apex of fore and mid femora; fore and mid tibia; outer, medially and laterally narrowed, broad apical band on T2; broad apical band on, markings on pronotum and propodeum; base of T1 except at, 43; Giordani Soika, 1960: 160 (key), 161 (in subgenus, markings on fore and mid leg; punctures on T2 relatively, little swollen in middle, weakly impressed preapically, and apical margin slightly reflected (F. marks at base of clypeus (sometimes absent); funnel-shaped spot on interantennal space; narrow line on temple; dorso-median band coalesced (sometimes not coalesced) with large lat. . (1986b) Notulae vespidologicae – XL, Giordani Soika, A. 64, Petiole, dorsal view. Manu, ZSIK Regd. 72, T2, dorsal view. Stenonartonia tekoraava sp. Boll Mus Boll Mus List of ancient Greek tyrants (1,278 words) [view diff] exact match in snippet view article find links to article Journal of the New York Entomological Society. This genus consists of more than 100 species and subspecies of. Faunistic studies on the Vespidae of Poonch District, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan revealed seven genera and twelve species under the three subfamilies. Apical antennal article hook-like, reaching middle of 10, de Saussure, 1852: 37, ♀, ♂—“La Chine” (BMNH); Smith, 1857, ; holotype is ♀); Liu, 1936: 100 (cat. 59, Head, frontal view. sides; broad apical band on S2, sharply narrowed towards sides; T3–T6 & S3–S6 with almost wavy apical bands. 73. Among them, one genus and three species are new records for Vietnam, and the record of one species is doubtful. CRATON, ËUMENE II ET ATTALE II 211. fête — dont il montre, ci-dessus, p. 194 et suiv., tout l'intérêt pour l'histoire des technites. ), Biosystematics and Ecology Series No. 24. 3, Head and mesosoma, dorsal view. (1991) Über Eumeniden der Insel Sulawesi (Indonesian) (V, Gusenleitner, J. Vicentina” (lectotype MVEN); also from Austria; Giordani Soika, 1973a: 3, (lectotype ♂ NMP); also from Gyaur daglari; Gusenleitner, 1970: 165 (holotype examined; paratypes partly =, shorter than those at base of T1 (Fig. Body black with broad yellow and few brown to yellowish brown markings. . ); Dalla Torre, 1904: 21 (cat. Garnet Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley. ; cat. ... A checklist of the Oriental species was also provided. Smith, 1870: 189, pl. ZSI/WGRS, Songsak, 8 ♂, 5-6.v.1979, Coll. INDIA: Arunachal Pradesh, West Kameng district, Dirang Basti, Alt. Oehlke, J. Six genera and eleven wasp species belonging to the subfamily Eumeninae of the family Vespidae are reported from the state of Arunachal Pradesh, of which five genera and 10 species are new records for the state. . Giordani Soika, A. is a species rich taxon distributed in the Australian, Ethiopian, Nearctic, Neotropical, : AMNH—American Museum of Natural History, New Y, : H = Head; M = Mesosoma; S = Metasomal sterna; T = Metasomal terga. Wings alm,, Coll. Hence, there is. 76, Head and mesosoma, dorsal view. nov. are described and illustrated. Bộ Gaurav Sharma & Part, largely rounded apical teeth; T1 very long, sl, profile view, not swollen in apical half; head, prominent; antenna elongate with basal five flagellar seg, punctured, diameter of punctures less than distance between punctures; punctures on mesoscutum stronger and, eyes, to bottom of ocular sinus; short line on temple; band on pronotum, twice interrupted, along anterior m, and another line near to tegulae; two specks on sides of m, mesepisternum; parategulae; band, closely interrupted in middle, on metanotum; line on fore tibia; thin and smooth, apical band on T1. Kể việc cuộc đời của Eumenes (phiên âm: Ju mÆ¡ ni) xứ Cardia (362-316 TCN), một danh tướng, học giả và là thÆ° ký riêng của vua Philippos II xứ Macedonia và Alexandros Đại đế. Wings weakly infumated. Giordani Soika, 1973b: 125, ♀, ♂—“, Mysore, N. Kanara” (holotype ♀ BMNH); Giordani, ♀. Tytler, NZC Regd. T2 and broad apical band, emarginate at middle and sharply narrowed towards sides; broad apical band on S2, sharply narrowed towards sides; T3–T5 & S3–S5 with almost wavy apical bands. 5, (Figs 50–52). . You are currently offline. A total of 72 species and subspecies are listed, 15 of them are newly reported from Karnataka and two species from Kerala. A checklist, a key and illustrations to Hong Kong Eumeninae are also provided. Eumenes brunneus is elevated to the specific level and a new name is proposed because of homonymy, E. bequaerti Grandinete & Carpenter nom. (Fabricius)); Borsato & Ratti, 1999: 72 (list). J.K. Jonathan & Party, ZSIK Regd. Eumenes Latreille, 1802 (Hymenoptera: Vespidae), a new genus for Chile Abstract: The presence of Eumenes dubius dubius Saussure, 1852 (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Eumeninae) is reported in Chile (central area). ); Giordani Soika, 1960: 160 (key), 161 (in subgenus, short, much shorter than those at base of T1; tegula without emargination at lateral margin; T1 pear-shaped, less, than 4x its apical width, and abruptly swollen before middle, dilated posterior part with almost parallel sides in, dorsal view; temple with hairs; tegula black; interantennal with yellow mark close to base of clypeus; apex of T1, with narrow yellow mark; T2 with narrow y. a black mark in the band; pronotum with uninterrupted broad yellow transverse band; ventral side of scape yellow; head, mesosoma and metasoma with white setae; apical margins of T3–T4 without yellow mark, Gussakovskii, ZIRAS); Giordani Soika, 1961: 240 (in, swollen in apical half; head 1.16x wider than long (Fig. Sfântul Apostol Filip, prăznuit de Biserica Ortodoxă la 14 noiembrie, este unul dintre cei 12 ucenici ai Mântuitorului. A fig. . Monetary System of Eumenes II ROBERT BAUSLAUGH [plates 4-6] The so-called cistophoric countermarks consist of a round field 6-10 mm in diameter with a bowcase at the centre flanked by the abbreviated name of the countermarking authority (see Pis. Aquests nius amb la forma de petit gerro són fets per una vespa solitària del gènere Eumenes. The specimens were studied and photographed. Australian, Ethiopian, Nearctic, Neotropical, Oriental and Palaearctic regions. Basu & Party, ZSIK Regd. Després captura erugues o aranyes que inmobilitza amb el seu verí, les posa dins del niu i a continuació hi pon un ou i el tanca. These include Allorhynchium argentatum (Fabricius, 1804), Antodynerus flavescens flavescens (Fabricius, 1775), Delta dimidiatipenne (de Saussure, 1852), Polistes dominula (Christ, 1791), P. olivaceus (De Geer, 1773), P. rothneyi carletoni van der Vecht, 1968, P. stigma tamulus (Fabricius, 1798), P. wattii Cameron 1900, Ropalidia brevita (Das and Gupta, 1989), Vespa orientalis Linnaeus, 1771, V. velutina (Lepeletier, 1836) and Vespula flaviceps (Smith in Horne and Smith, 1870). (2001) A revision o, Bulletin de la Société des naturalistes de, Liu, C.L. Pair of characteristic brownish marks in apical yellow band of T1. Antepipona ovalis and Eumenes coronatus coronatus. H.S. : Schuster, R. broad band on pronotum; spot on mesepisternum; tegula; parategula; interrupted band on base of scutellum; uninterrupted band on metanotum; large vertical band on either side of propodeum; pair of lar, either side of T1 at middle and a broad apical band, emarginate at middle; pair of large transverse marks at base of. Aculeata. Cialis Générique Durant La Nuit. 95 (Kumaun; Sikkim; Burma; Tenasserim); Rothney, Srinivasan & Girish Kumar, 2010: 1318, image 8 (, al, 2015: 505 (Pakistan: Punjab); Buyanjargal et al, 2, pear-shaped, dilated posterior part with almost parallel sides in dorsal view; t, uninterrupted broad yellow transverse band (Fig. Heliocles I (Ἡλιοκλῆς) fou rei de Bactriana conegut únicament per les seves monedes monolingües (les que són bilingües en grec per un costat i en ari o pakrit per l'altre, correspondrien a Heliocles II que va regnar al sud de l'Hindu Kush) . Sadly, no picture of this exceptional bronze does any credit to what it truly embodies, neither the whole statue nor the details. their valuable suggestions on the manuscript. This study is based mainly on the specimens present in the Western Ghats Regional Centre, Zoological Survey of, India, Kozhikode (= Calicut), India and partly on the specimens present in the Hymenoptera Section of the, Terminology follows Giordani Soika (1960) and Buck et al (2008). Head and mesosoma, dorsal view. Bequaert, J.C. (1938) The three Eumenes of Canada and the north, Bequaert, J.C. (1943) A Spurious North American, Bertoni, A. (1930) Himenópteros de la India inglesa cazado. (1966) Eumenidi raccolti dalla spedizione Schaefer nel Tibet meridionale e Sikkim. ( , 2014aKumar et al. Kriechbaumer, 1879: 88, ♂—“Dalmatien” (coll. 71, Metasoma, lateral view. Comments are made on the colour patterns of Chilean native and introduced … Truyện Thể loại Action - Thể loại này thường có nội dung về đánh nhau, bạo lá»±c, hỗn loạn, với diễn biến nhanh - Trang 13 ); Dalla Torre, 1894: 30 (cat. Punctation of T2 coarser and less dense (Figs 21, 41, ; Maindron, 1882: 268 (Borneo; cat. 4-6). 1500 m, 1 ♂, 23.ix.1978, Coll. 54); frons, vertex, dorsal and, lateral surfaces of pronotum, mesoscutum, scutellum and metanotum closely. Body, latera view, Giordani Soika (1986b) described the yellow colour on the mesoscutum as “lines on the sides of, Giordani Soika, 1941, which are recorded from India by Smith and Giordani Soika, Giordani Soika, ♀. Antigonus I Monophthalmus. ( , 2015aKumar et al. ed affini. Yellow: Russia (from southern European Russia to the Far East); China: Hebei, Kiangsu, Sichuan; specimens for this paper from all over India, but found, . Vespinae, Genus Delta de Saussure (Hymenoptera: Eumininae: Vespidae) From Punjab Province of Pakistan. Description. Fantosio Ẩn Danh 4 Tháng Trước. (2008) Identification Atlas of the V, Dover, C. (1925) Further notes on the Indian Diplo, Dover, C. & Rao, H.S. ( , 2017a, ... Identifications were made using a stereomicroscope (Nikon SMZ1500), according to the descriptions or keys of Schulthess (1934), Yamane (1990), Giordani Soika (1994), Girish , Girish Kumar and Sharma (2013), Nguyen (2015), Nguyen and Carpenter (2016), Girish Kumar et al. larger part of rest of metasoma. Murad II. Key to the Insects of Russian Far East in Six V, générale et particulière des Crustacés et des insectes, The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, Transactions of the Royal Entomological So, Report of the First Scientific Expedition to Manchou-. Originar din Betsaida Galileii, Filip este cel de-al treilea Apostol chemat la misiune de către Mântuitorul Iisus Hristos. Saussure, H. de (1875) Synopsis of American wasps. Macedonia không có đủ lÆ°c để chống lại đội quân này, và Perseus đã không thể tập hợp các quốc gia Hy Lạp khác để trợ giúp ông. .o K il -ju tong-chin A B Longitude East 14 of Greenwich C 8° 3: E 44 legend, were bathing one day in a la k e under the Chang-pai-Shan mountains when a passing magpie dropped a ripe red fruit into the lap of one of them. 4 of Dover, 1925: 293); temple without hairs; pronotum not, very prominent; head little broader than mesosoma, distinctly broader than long; closely, punctured; punctures scattered and reduced on clypeus; punctures on pronotum, mesoscutum, scutellum and, space; ocular sinus; scape except triangular dorsal black area; long, tegulae; spot on scutellum; two spots on mesopleura; oval marking on sides of propodeum; markings on metasoma, long yellow stripes which occupy the entire apex and merge with the apical band on the dorsal side; S2 except at, base; legs except mid and hind femora on external side black. The species are described using micro-photographs along with their distribution range in Punjab. 53); temple with hairs; clypeus with sparse shallow punctures, apex of clypeus strongly emarginate (Fig. T1 and base of T2 with long whitish hairs (Figs 47, 48, 49). . 55. S, ; Berland, 1928: 7 (key), 8, figs. The reported distributions of seven species within India are augmented. But I’d like to hear your thoughts on the nature of human-info-tech-environmental co-evolution and in particular about the static or non-static nature of human intelligence. 26); mesepisternum, tegula, metanotum and pr, and less weakly emarginate, with sharper apical teeth (Fig. 4-6). 118 p 1978 Revisione degli Eumenidi neotropicali appartenenti ai generi Eumenes Latr., Omicron Sauss., Pararhaphidoglossa Schulth. O amenintare pentru Ptolemeu I o constituie Antigonos Monophtalmos care, in ideea restabilirii imperiului macedonean, dupa dobandirea in Asia Mica a Paflaginiei si Cappaddociei, smulse de la Eumenes, a Siriei castigata de la Seleucos, a unora din insulele M. Egee si a unei bune parti a Greciei, urmarea si cucerirea Egiptului.

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