While this guide is a great place to start, using payroll software can help you estimate not only SAG rates, but also fringes, production insurance, and taxes. Dividends are calculated using the daily balance method. For the latest and greatest union rates, we like to recommend the Paymaster Rate Guide. What lingering questions about SAG rates do you have? Connect with us on LinkedIn. It determines writing credits, pays residuals and registers writers' intellectual property. will generally be paid at the top of the “scale,” while Production Assistants and other departmental assistants will be paid at the bottom. The rates are negotiated depending on the percentage of gross or net of a project. The History of the Ratings Established by Motion Picture Association in 1968, the rating system was created to help parents make informed viewing choices for their children. A good rule of thumb is to budget your shooting days to go at least 12 hours, no matter what, especially on independent films. ACFC West, Local 2020 Unifor is a technical film union recognized by the Labour Board of British Columbia. With Scott Friend, Emma Duncan, Alex Breaux, Elisabeth Noone. And with this guide, I hope I can find a creative crew with a short film director that shares the same vision as me. Need an actor for just one episode of your series to say a few lines? Incredibly grateful for Film Budgeteers. Some producers cranking out bad movie after bad movie would rather burn through a production with a newbie crew and end up shooting more days and paying more in rentals than try to convince their investors or buyers that a higher-paid crew or even union crew makes more financial sense.). Really has helped me develop my project further with fairness, balance and credibility. If your film is released directly to a streaming service, like Hulu, your SAG scale rates might fall under New Media. Wild spots are used for products and services that only exist in certain cities–you wouldn’t air an In-N-Out commercial on the east coast. BKSTS - British Kinematograph Sound & Television Society, serves the technical and craft skills of the film, sound and television industries. Union rates apply for ACTRA members. Security. The History of the Ratings Established by Motion Picture Association in 1968, the rating system was created to help parents make informed viewing choices for their children. Welcome to the largest union of costume artisans and craftpeople in film and television. Please review our application process for more information. Accurate, reliable salary and compensation comparisons for United States Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that you have an insurance policy that’s SAG-friendly. Labor Union - Hourly Rate - Get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. Using this information, you can determine which SAG “agreement,” or contract, your production falls under. The SAG Low Budget Agreement applies to films with budgets between $700,000 and $2,500,000, making this the SAG pay scale of most independent films. The following is not a comprehensive list of all possible SAG rates, but will help you budget for the current SAG minimums: 1. It’s important to note that that you’ll have to pay an additional 18 to 18.5% on your SAG payroll for health and benefits, called “fringes.”. A typical film production day is 12 hours long, for overtime you will need to pay additional wages. Why Join; How to Join; Job Opportunities at Local 600; Report Your Job; CONTRACTS; SAFETY; 600LIVE! From there, you find the fees. These same producers will then work the crew for as long as they want, and not have to worry about paying overtime. Crafty Film App Training Video. In general, thes… We meet the increasing demands of the TV and movie industry by training and developing our members. $60/hr after 16 hrs. Here are the 2020 SAG rates for performers in television. Amazon, Instagram, YouTube – they’re just some of the destinations the Screen Actors Guild classifies as “new media.” Whether you’re making a film or series, they both fall under this agreement as long as your budget is between $50,000 and $1,000,000. The SAG Modified Low Budget Agreement applies to films with budgets between $250,000 to $700,000. Construction Rates Feature Film 2018-19. While this agreement may seem like it perfectly applies to your film, it’s important to note that you need to release your film initially in theaters to qualify. 0. You can also use software like Wrapbook, that automatically calculates SAG rates and fringes for you. Commercials & Corporate or Photographic or Pop Promo. Back ... Multimedia Producer: 45: 120: Storyboarding: 25: 50 Back to Leftbrainer. Contact Numbers for Union Rates: DGA: (212) 581-0370 PGA: (310) 557-0807 IATSE Local 479 : (404) 885-9134 IATSE Local 320M (Savannah): (912) 233-8538 IATSE Local 600 Camera: (212) 647-7300 IATSE Local 798 Make-up & Hair : (212) 627-0660 Teamsters: (404) 622-0521 There are three main union agreements used in and around the London area: FAA /PACT, BBC Equity and ITV Equity. On a non-union film, rates are fully negotiable. Thousands of ordinary people of all ages, sizes, shapes and backgrounds work as extras. Please check your email regularly for updates and don't hesitate to reach out to your Local Union with any questions or concerns. $380 for the first 10 hrs. When hiring actors, the app will ask them to input their guild information, tax information, and loan-out company (if applicable.). Tier 2 – Art Director, 1st Assistant Camera, Asst. On a non-union film, rates are fully negotiable. These rates are based on a nationwide average and have been collated over a number of years of working with the production community. Since 1988, Local 480 has covered experienced film workers in ninety-nine crafts within twenty departments. Non-union actors are allowed, while background actors are not covered. For over 45 years, Entertainment Partners has helped meet the demands of TV and film productions and their complex payroll requirements. Directors of Photography, Production Designers, etc. End of story. Local 871's activist efforts advocate for people both within the entertainment industry and the general working population to keep us all safer, healthier and able to enjoy a better quality of life. The SAG day rate is $1,005, and $3,488 for the week. Unlike other SAG day rates, actor salaries are completely negotiable. For films, you should should refer to SAG Theatrical Rates. The first question you’ll need to be able to answer, even before you put out a call for crew, is whether or not you’ll be shooting the picture as a union film, or a non-union film. Makeup, 1st AD, were all paid the “Subkey” rate, or the middle rate. Vanilla Video (Chicago, IL) charges based on the rate of a videographer. It will surely wow my in-laws from abroad if I present to them something artistic and sentimental to commemorate the day. You also will need to consider what you will pay if you shoot overtime. Founded in 1859 by Peter Cooper, industrialist and philanthropist, Cooper Union offers public programs for the civic, cultural and practicable enrichment of New York City. Your Rate The hourly rate as a background performer is $14.25 per hour with an 8 hour minimum for Non-Union performers. Costume. Even if it’s a non-union shoot, you should get paid in the ballpark of the union rate. At the end of the day, you’ll have to register your production with SAG-AFTRA, where you’ll confirm your rates. Bigger budget productions hire union cast and crew. However, work hours are still governed by state and federal labor laws. The technicians and artisans in our union are the creators of the visual images on the big screen, the television screen and our computer screen. While there is no weekly SAG scale for “ultra low budget” projects, the SAG day rate is $125. We are the brothers and sisters of the IATSE." Stage 3 of the Framework to Reopen the Province. IATSE Local 118 is the labour union supplying technicians, stagehands, stage crew, artisans and craftspeople to the Greater Vancouver entertainment industry, including live theatre, rock and roll, and trade shows. Short Project Agreements cover films that have total budgets less than $50,000 and a maximum running time of 40 minutes. One of the biggest debates when moviemaking is whether to make union films or non-union films. Unlike SAG agreements for film (where everything is determined by budget), in the world of television, rates are determined by the number of episodes you’re going to create, and more often than not, the episode’s length. This question is often dependent on budget. After burning out in the city, Will Shipe is summoned back home where he uncovers dark truths about his family and the town he grew up in. although in the age of streaming, the term can carry a different meaning. But until you are eligible to join SAG-AFTRA, your rate will vary widely, and you may need to work for free in student films to gain acting experience. 0. While a theatrical release isn’t require to qualify, there is a fair amount of paperwork needed to fall under this contract. Like the SAG Short Project Agreement, there isn’t a set SAG weekly scale or even a set day rate – it’s negotiable. Offered on both a daily and weekly scale, SAG rates are often determined by the project type, budget constraints, and distribution plan. Tier 3.5 Production assistants learning the trade. 2018-21 BC Council of Film Unions Wage Rate Tables FINAL Television Feature Television Feature Television Feature Television Feature Appendix A - IATSE Local #891 Master Agreement Rates ACCOUNTING Assistant Accountant $37.02 $38.87 $38.13 $40.04 $39.27 $41.24 $40.45 $42.48 Accounting Clerk 1 $25.12 $26.41 $25.87 $27.20 $26.65 $28.02 $27.45 $28.86 Accounting Clerk 2 … As with all SAG commercial rates, the more times you air a spot, the more you’ll have to pay. Respect their time by offering a minimum guarantee. CDG - Costume Designers Guild. We should note that these rates are for performers of cable and streaming shows. The Council is comprised of the three founding member unions which are IATSE Local 891, ICG Local 669 and Teamsters Local Union 155. Introducing Wrapbook's New Digital Startwork Solution. Note that the SAG rates increase the less an actor appears, as those actors will be working less weeks and therefore more less net pay. We need to Get Real on Rates. The Musicians' Union advises on rates and agreements for session musicians who record music for TV and film, including BBC, ITV, PACT and TAC agreements. Whereas Theatrical SAG rates depend on budget, SAG commercial rates depend on where and how many times you’ll be airing the commercial. Contracts and Rates. If an actor appears in less than half of a season’s episode order, talent would then be classified as a major role (guest star). Council of Film Unions was established on June 6th, 1996. The Union of British Columbia Performers (UBCP/ACTRA) is an autonomous branch of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists), the national organization of professional performers working in the English-language recorded media in Canada. The official union agreement published each year lists the minimum salary scales, but well-known, sought-after staffing has the ability to negotiate for higher pay. Directed by Brian Levin. ... ABOUT US. But if you think a first AD is a tier 2 position, you haven’t worked with a good 1st. *Travel Time and Mileage at $0.59 / Mile is Added for out of Studio Zone Travel. Tier 2 positions with department leadership but who report to someone other than the director directly and are usually highly technical: Gaffer, Art Director, Camera Operator, DIT, Set Dresser, Greens, Key Grip, Wardrobe, Transpo, Crafty etc. If you’re working with some actors who aren’t in the guild, don’t worry. Since the early days of the musical, and the dawn of the film age, we have created indelible images; entertaining the world for generations. We’ll go over all that in our next installment. How To Get a Movie on Netflix: 6 Strategies for Selling Streaming Content. When budgeting a film crew for a union picture, the rates and work hour limits and thresholds are set by the union and you pay them. armed Security. Under this agreement, those actors are allowed to work with a Taft-Hartley agreement, as with most SAG agreements. ... Additionally, if your UserID is re-issued over the phone, it is Union policy to reset your password at the same time. However, if your major role performer is appearing in an episode within the first season of your show, it’s possible you may only have to pay the regular rate for a performer (above). SAG actors are paid weekly for their time, with $4,197 per week for appearing in every episode, $4,682 per week for appearing in more than half, and $5,476 per week for appearing in half. Every crew member deserves a “minimum guarantee.” That is, if your production stops filming on a particular day after 4 hours, you still owe them 8 hours in pay. Instead of airing on a set network, wild spots only air on specific stations and markets. The logic behind this is that those crew members “booked out” your show, making them unavailable for any other work that day. If you’re producing a film directly for streaming, you might fall under a New Media Agreement. General Background Actors. That being said, if you’re going long every single day of your shoot, don’t expect your crew, even an inexperienced crew, to stay on the show. These rates are from non-union freelance individuals that work primarily in commercials or narrative film. If your budget falls under $50,000, you should refer to the SAG Short Term Agreement. (NEW) PRODUCERS ONLY. However, work hours are still governed by state and federal labor laws. Basic Agreement & Television Long Form Studio Minimum Rates (8/02/2020 - 7/31/2021) Effective 8/02/20 5400 Gen. Foreman (per week) $2,808.22 5401 CLT (hourly) $51.83 5401 CLT (weekly per hour) $51.15 5401 CLT (weekly guarantee) $3,120.15 5403 ACLT (hourly) $47.04 5403 ACLT (weekly per hour) $46.22 5403 ACLT (weekly guarantee) $2,819.42 5411 Sub-Foreman $48.74 5421 Chief … Construction Crew Rates Feature Film 2020-21. At the very least you need to be honest with your crew on what they should expect in terms of working hours and breaks. Feature Film (Daily Sen.) - CLEARED TO START PRODUCTION. The first AD runs the entire set. At its core, SAG rates are the minimum amounts of money talent must make for a given production. The SAG pay scale for Series Regulars on 1 hour shows functions exactly like 1/2 hours. Check out FilmRatings.com to learn the history of the film rating program, and to download additional film rating resources. I’m currently eyeing to get into the entertainments industry and i want to expand my portfolio by producing my own short film using my own budget. Our members help bring Canadian stories to life in film, television and digital media. So this calculator quickly converts the ‘Work Hours’ into ‘Payhours’. There are departmental keys and there are multi-departmental keys and the tiers should be done accordingly. So they end up hiring inexperienced crew. Webinar Videos. The B.C. The SAG Modified Low Budget Agreement applies to films with budgets between $250,000 to $700,000. New Media productions with budgets between $250,000 and $700,000 should expect to pay major performers either $335 per day, or $1,116 per week. The film’s shooting schedule, where it’s shooting, travel/lodging situations, per diems, kit rates, and more. Luckily, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide, breaking down the SAG rates of 2020 so you can determine what you might owe for a principal performer. But for non-union films, it’s a bit different. All production insurance is provided through Workers Insurance Agency. Jeff OrgillAugust 3, 2015Film Budgeting Tips5 Comments. You don’t have to use our system, or any particular system (unless you’re shooting a union film of course), but whatever system you use needs to be fair to all crew members. If you’re looking for a SAG short film agreement, this is likely the right place to start. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is a private college with an acceptance rate of 16%. Many producers will ask a crew member to agree to a flat “day rate,” and many crew members, especially new or inexperienced crew, will often agree to it. Plus, before you can even roll the camera, you’ll have to submit both a budget and copy of your screenplay to SAG. The Council is comprised of the three founding member unions which are IATSE Local 891, ICG Local 669 and Teamsters Local Union … And the Day Rate you negotiate with the Crew Member for 12 hours, technically already includes 4 hours of overtime (12-8=4). Under this contract, actors must make a SAG day rate of $630, or $2,190 per week. Withdrawing funds from this Hiway Federal Credit Union certificate will cost you 90 days’ dividends, which is somewhat generous when compared to other banks and credit unions. $267 for the first 12 hrs. Construction Crew Rates Feature Film 2019-20. Tier 1 – Production Designer, Director of Photography, Principal Makeup, Line Producer, etc. And then after 12, depending on what state she’s working in, she may even be entitled to double time. The said rate can be hourly (build-your-own-production projects) which costs $99 for a 30-minute shoot and up to $479 for 4 hours. 2018-21 UBCP MASTER PRODUCTION AGREEMENT WAGE RATES FINAL ARTICLE B1 - MINIMUM FEES B101 Minimum Daily Fees (Per Performer/Per Program) Effective April 2, 2017 Daily Fee Hourly Rate Overtime Rate @ 1.5 Overtime Rate @ 2x Principal Actor/Stunt Performer $ 693.80 $ 86.73 $ 130.10 $ 173.46 Group Singers/Dancers $ 519.70 $ 64.96 $ 97.44 $ 129.92 Actor $ 466.93 $ 58.37 $ 87.56 $ … IATSE Local 411’s 20th Anniversary – October 12, 2018. SAG AFTRA rates are the minimum amounts of money the Screen Actors Guild will allow its members to work for on a given project. Ultra low-budget films and student films usually favor non-union because they can’t afford […]

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