Klonoa followed in the Great Sage NiGHTS’ footsteps and became the Great Knight. Published on Aug 11, 2017 In this video, we go through Galados Isle's extremely nasty map for the Elven Charm, which allows us to assign the Elf job … You can raise their miis and focus on building their st… He was possessed by a surrounding voice around him. And standing there was the Dark Lord, and the heroes told to fight. You don't control all 4 characters in your party, only yourself. When he gets to half health, the Dark God uses the life force of the Miis in his Bag of Souls so he gets more powerful, he uses power to turn into the Dark Overlord, a more powerful version of the Dark God. I ruined peoples' lifes! With his new power, the Great Sage just keeps the Dark God at bay, to counter this, the Dark God sends a mini Dark Lord into Neskdor, making it attack the team. When they ask what happened, the Genie says that the "Dark God" attacked and possessed more people, the team realises that the Dark God can possess more than one person. A few months after the events of Miitopia, the Ex-Dark Curse is unhappy yet again. ", Magicain - "The magical wizard that can show you some succsesful magic tricks along the way of your journey. The city itself has the general vibe of a seedy downtown district, with its gaudy neon lights alongside its dilapidated buildings, endless rain, dark city skylines, and tough enemies. The Ultimate Curse stops sucking things and gets overloaded with power and screams. The Prince says he's changed and that he'll help restore peace to Miitopia, the team accepts and the Prince takes charge, saying that there's something that they need to see. People of all shapes and sizes ran over to him, begging for help. It turns back into it's human form and thanks the Protagonist. If the player chooses the first, they will destroy the soul and restore peace across the land of Miitopia. Different combinations have unique animations. ", Bossy Guide - "The guider into the Travellers Hub, not so greeting though...", Fairy -"A beautiful singing and tiny creature. Unfortanatly, the Great Sage, their hero, turned into the... Darker Lord. However, how some of these status effects might be handled differently than what you're used to. The protagonist says that it is in fact his problem and in a fit of rage the King yells that they have to get out of his castle before he makes them. ALL monsters have levels. After defeating the Mini Dark Lord, the Dark God gets mad and flies toward the protagonist, aiming to possess them, the Great Sage uses magic to blast the Dark God away. Powers and Stats. Miitopia: The Darker Curse is a sequel to Miitopia, that takes place a few months afterwards. It depends on if you’re asking this question just in general, or for your main Mii, or for any of your other party members. He looks at the protagonist and cackles, before the whole of Greenhorne Town crowds in front of them, saying that they will not touch the protagonist. At least they thought so... Happiness seemed to stop, flowers began to flop, and all the Miis were in a strop. Gender: Dependent on player choice and who they are possessing. After years of neglect, however, he cast away his face, leaving his soul to become filled with hate and envy. The hero is then given an opportunity to either destroy the Dark Curse or provide them with a new face and body. The Darker Curse possesses a new person, and creates them as the Dark King. The Genie adds that he possessed a boy who yelled about protecting the Princess, which was the Noble's Son. Your adventure. When he gets down to low health, he breaks down and cries. (Warning: Long boring information) It’s honestly a preference on which job is better. Like Nintendo would do, this RPG mixes up the menu! So a mage can "sharpen their wands" by shaking it on the ground or a thief can point their sword at the enemies and shoot out the poison gas from the scientists' flasks. Within those years Miitopia has grown and flourished and kept on being a peaceful land till six crystals, the size of small mountains erupted from the ground releasing a darkness that only a handful of Mii's can defeat. You fight the Ultimate Curse, getting nowhere close before being easily defeated. The protagonist is outfitted with the God Job, a job that only the protagonist could be trusted with, after choosing your teammates job, the Ultimate Curse attacks. Monsters. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Prince jumps up at the sight of the Princess and desperately asks for the Princess to take him back, the Princess says that she can't be with someone who will run at the sight of danger. After rescuing them, they say that they saw Lazybones and Injured Elf run toward Elven Forest. Their new face is just as bad as their old one. Finds out facts and figures out trouble with a handy computer. After their defeat, the Dark Curse is either destroyed for good or given a new body by the Great Sage, depending on player choice. Your team arrives in Greenhorne, treated by cheers, the Dubious Mayor says that they saw a big explosion and a blue thing flying in the air, they then say that the Sarcastic Guy saw something crash into the ground. All others are AI. Colored version of Miitopia Sketch- Caught by pharaoh's curse! ", Lookout -  "The lookout of the team. When you kill the Dark Curse, it says thanks for giving it the power to turn into the Ultimate Curse. The Dark God uses modified and more powerful than the Dark Lord and Darker Lord, instead of Face Steal, he uses Eternal Nightmare, putting a teammate in an uninterruptable nightmare for two turns. Once The General is defeated, the Dark Lord warns The Hero that he/she willpay for spoiling his … But that was long ago, now Miitopia is back as a World Of Peace. A Nightmare Dark God will interrupt the escape of Eternal Nightmare, being a less powerful version of the Dark God, it gives you a taste of what's to come. New characters involve the Magicain, who shows the Protagonist magic tricks and askes if he/she was suprised in it. - You can now give your mii characters homes in a "farmville" type setting. The party enters the King's Castle and sees that everything is alright, relieving them. The Dark Lord takes the face of the King and attaches it to a "King" Golem. They visit the King who is eating his Rump Roast, they explain that there's a new threat in Miitopia, and that he needs to take action. The Great Sage steps in and creates a magic barrier to keep him away. - You can now mix and match costumes and abilities with the Peasant class. The retreat has been evacuated with remains of some houses on the ground, the only person still there is the Scaredy-Cat [Mii]. The gameplay is an improvement to Miitopia 1. The protagonist cheers and says that the Dark God's time is up. Miitopia II, The Darker Curse is a sequal to Miitopia, which includes a new story and new features. After losing his life power, he returns into the Ultimate Curse and gets angry. So, yet again, they cast their face away, creating a new evil: The Darker Curse. The Dubious Mayor says that they made a hotel in the town and that he'd be happy to let them rent some rooms. In Nimbus, all the robots have been overridden and turned evil. You wreak havoc across New Lumos. (8 calm sprinkes), Dark lord DOES not steal your teammates during the journey. 10. Ran away from his owner, but now needs to find her. Kullervo, the Dark Lord: You just got yourself an unwilling host, and is SUPER EXCITED to start enacting your plan on becoming the Dark Lord. All screenshots and game footage on this site are captured in 2D mode. A job is like how you attack enemies. New Stuff . Read Chapter 53: Origin of the Curse from the story Miitopia: The Lost Faces by JenWrites74 with 17 reads. ", Researcher - "The smart scientific reasearcher. Right before leaving, he changes the look of the worlds, making you manoeuvre around the worlds differently than in Miitopia 1. Wretched Hive: New Lumos, as described by the Ex-Dark Lord, is a dark corner of Miitopia that the Dark Curse abandoned because the monsters there were too evil for even him to control. … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The team follows a blasted Ultimate Curse over The Realm of the Fey, the 3 Fab Faries greet the protagonist and say that they saw a weird version of the Dark God flying over the realm, the protagonist says that that was the Dark God, or Ultimate Curse. After Rescuing everyone, the Fab Fairies thank the protagonist for their help and decide to defeat the Dark God. Miitopia is a RPG game for the Nintendo 3DS where you fight monsters whose faces are those of Miis which were stolen from them. Like the Dark Curse from the normal and first Miitopia, but a more purple colour with white deadly sparkles around it. If not, than I would strongly recommend getting Miitopia and playing it. He says he can't reach full power unless he possesses a human. Plus, you can pick a job. After arriving in Neskdor, the team meets the Prince of a Nearby Land, crying that the Princess rejected him, he turns around and asks the team what they're doing, before they can answer, he sneers that they're going to get defeated by the Ultimate Curse again. ", Ex-Dark Lord - "The Dark Lord that turned out to be the kindest chap. If danger's coming this way, Alert!". After defeating him, he turns good and flies off to Neksdor. This results in it being impossible for one to generate a QR Code if a new Mii is made from scratch for him. It rises out of the ground calling itself the "Ultimate Curse". Mere minutes after the Dark Curse's defeat, you once again have the option of Sparing or Killing it. The Dark God takes the Prince for power and turns to Neskdor, smirking. ALL jobs except for warrior, mage, and cleric are received by CHARMS. The Ultimate Curse flies in, prepared to finally defeat the protagonist. After finally lowering his HP to zero, he cackles and tries to suck everything, literally everything into his Bag of Souls, including monsters, Grub, Inns and Villas. Dark King - "An evil creature on the loose lurking in the shadows on Miitopia. The Great Sage says that they all need new jobs, jobs that are so powerful that they can combat the Ultimate Curse. Jobs and Personalities. Priest: Focuses on party defence and party support, a better version of the cleric. After rescuing the Green-Eyed Lady, they say that the Mischievous Witch ran toward the Bigg Forest. The Prince turns out to be useless to him and so he takes out the Genie of the Lamp. There are a dozen jobs! The faces that it likes, it keeps. He uses a new power from the Dark Curse to fly away, he drops your team near Greenhorne Town to check up on anybody before flying away. The Great Sage comes in and says that Dominic the Dragon flew away to find other dragons, so he creates a staircase made of clouds to get up. He explodes and everything is returned back to normal, the Bag of Souls opens and everyone is rescued, except for three. The Dark King looks fairly similar to the Dark King in the 6th District, but there is no Dark Queen in this game. The protagonist grabs onto the ground and clings on for dear life, while the teammates huddle up. Your Team - "You and the nine of your teammates who help you attack and magic... and beg for HP Bananas..." For Miitopia on the 3DS, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "What happens if you break the curse? Had they been faceless for long enough, they too might have died. The new worlds are different to Miitopia's, but Peculiar, Manor Macabre and others still appear in the game but look different, and have new stories One of the locations in this game is Seaside Island, both similar but different to Galados Isle. The Great Sage (if "Save him" is chosen) The Protagonist (if "Save him" is chosen) The Dark Curse is a spirit that possesses the Dark Lord, and later the Great Sage, and the true main antagonist of Miitopia . The team leaves, annoyed that a previous ally has turned on them, the princess comes out and says that the Ultimate Curse came in the castle and took the Noble's Son, she also asks to join because he heard what the King said, the protagonist accepts and the Princess joins your team forever. They became talented figures of course! It doesn't matter, since the same things happen. Their name was Jayden (Thats what I'm gonna call him.) When they reached the top, they found the vilains throne. It was the Dark Lords' Castle. The Princess and King say the have a great debt to the protagonist, the screen fades to a statue of your teammates and the game ends. If the hero provides the Dark Curse with a new life, the Great Sage takes the Curse and travels with them to have them atone for their mistakes while the hero and their companions are praised for saving Miitopia from both Dark Lords. The Dark Curse was originally a normal Mii living amongst the people of Miitopia. The Curse can be 'activated' by those with the power to do so, and becomes a whole new, much more dangerous beast when in this state. A new traveller had just arrived in town. Your one and only friend, a plucky adventurer girl, had no choice but to seal you away. All the other Miis were probably able to get their faces back soon enough to keep their physical bodies. The Darker Curse possesses a new person, and creates them as the Dark King. The Ultimate curse laughs and says that that's exactly what he wanted, and possesses the Dubious Mayor. Then suddenly, a flash of light shone above Jayden... Miitopia 2 also has a few things more added, Calm sprinkles: Similar to Hyper sprinkles but it also works on miis that are in nightmares and hyper miis, but it still doesn't work against certain effects. The Dark God takes the Prince of a Nearby Land out of his Bag of Souls, and turns him evil. Miitopia Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Dark Curse floating above the Great Sage and Player Mii's heads. https://miitopia-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Miitopia_II,_The_Darker_Curse?oldid=15780. The party agrees that they need to inform the King of what happened so he can take action before Neskdor and other towns get invaded, he says that with his power, he doesn't need faces to control monsters, but his power can control them at will. ", Great Sage - "A wise and powerful mage who roams the world helping others. The cast thank the protagonist for their help and leave to fix the towns. The player will be given a choice: "Break the curse" or "Save him". You can put in people in Miitopia … ", Travellers Hub Resident - "A traveller in need of assistance who wound their way to the Hub. The Fab Faries decide they want in and join the team. Magical Dark Form. Here is a list of improvements from the original. The Reborn Dark Curse is a character originally from the first Miitopia. After retrieving the King's face, the Dark Lord retaliates by stealing the face of the Princess and attaching it to a General within Nightmare Tower. "Help us! Fantendo - Nintendo Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It's more so implied that the Dark Curse lost his physical body because he was without a face for so long. New characters involve the Magicain, who shows the Protagonist magic tricks and askes if he/she was suprised in it. "Miitopia 2: Maleficent's Revenge is a 2012 Nintendo 3DS fantasy adventure game and the sequel to the very first instalment in the trilogy. Unlike the first game, Miitopia II has a new curse, known as the Darker Curse. Miitopia: The Six Crystals by Official Light Warrior reviews 100 years since the story of the Darker Lord's terror has passed. After, the cast sits and watches the horizon, celebrating their peace. Double Replica Lord = Fought in Greenhorne after the Great Sage saves you from the Ultimate Curse. they said, running in a crowd. The mark of the curse - the easiest way to tell that it's there - begins to shift to a much more obvious color (typically a shade of purple or blue) as it … The Ultimate Curse can do a normal attack, Soul Drain where he robs you of MP, and Curse which turns a teammate evil. Your rules. After years of neglect, however, he cast away his face, leaving his soul to become filled with hate and envy. ~MIITOPIA SPOILER WARNING BELOW~ As a somewhat archetypical RPG, Miitopia involves various status effects that can hinder your party of heroes on their quest to save the realm. Miitopia is amazing. People everywhere refused to socialize or even acknowledge they existed, which understandably made the Mii upset. Unlike the first game, Miitopia II has a new curse, known as the Darker Curse. The first world is Lightning Heights. Before leaving, he puts the protagonist in an Eternal Nightmare. When a Kind Mii successfully spares a monster, they run away. But then once, an evil shadow lurked the worlds. Unfortunately, Karkaton is skipped in Miitopia 2 because there's no need to go there, as Karkaton is the gateway to the Dark Lord's Castle. Miitopia Nintendo 3DS Game Reviews Thanks for visiting to read our Miitopia Nintendo 3DS Game review. After rescuing the Mischievous Witch says that they saw the Fab-Fairy Fans run toward Lotus Lake. The Dragon appeared from when they fought ealier, and jumped on his back to find the Great Sage, Darker Lord. Its 67 score is wrong, at least to me. You are swept away by the Great Sage before you are killed. The Dark Curse being ignored by his peers. Dark: Focuses on party defence and self-support. A long time ago, Miitopia was a happy world. They un-huddle and tell the protagonist to finish things, and get sucked in the Bag of Souls. You decide to save it and leave it be. The Dark God laughs and takes the shield sprinkles away so they can't block targets. if a mii is sad and you don't want to make them hyper without letting them miss a turn, just use calm sprinkles to bring them back to normal. After explaining the basic knowledge of the game, such as how to grow fellow Mii, how to communicate with fellows, how to fight well, and create a route map for all the worlds While publishing, detailed information of each course is recorded. The team reveal the Princess standing behind them and say that they're going to bring peace to Miitopia. The faces were stolen from The Dark Lord, and your main goal of the game is defeating them I'll probably rewrite this later ", Toby The Dog - "To The Doggy To The Adventure. The Dark Curse is the main antagonist in Miitopia, taking on many forms throughout the game. Miitopia * Platform: 3DSIt is you who protect the peace of the Miitopia! The Dark Curse was originally a normal Mii living amongst the people of Miitopia. In the mainland, the Darker Curse seemed to be searching for its creator in a desperate effort to get revenge. They are the job mandatory for the protagonist. Please note: for games that support 3D images, you can only appreciate the 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL on the system itself. This game also has NPCs from the old game, like the Great Sage and Ex-Dark Lord. It's one of my favorite games. The Sarcastic Guy says that they did great, giving the Ultimate Curse exactly what he wanted. Suddenly, a dark shadow emerges from the ground, calling itself the "Darker Curse" it possesses the Ex-Dark Curse. It shuns them back into Miitopia, to be found by monsters! After reaching the Sky Scraper, the Dark God drops in and cackles, he breaks the gateway and the path to the Sky Scraper. He travels from town to town to protect civilians and fulfills various travelers’ request. Scaredy Cat says that they saw the Green-Eyed Lady heading toward Citrus Cave. It was released on July 28 in the United States. He is a spirit that possesses theDark Lord and later the Great Sage. They tell the protagonist that the Elvin Retreat has been attacked by Replica Dark Lords and that they need help finding all the townspeople. The voice told him to open a magical box and then a a blue shadow grabbed hold of them and got turned into the Dark Lord. miitopia, oc-insert. Mods, discussions and more by the Miitopia Modding Community ... Want to see more posts tagged #miitopia dark curse? Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Luckily, They won! ", Star Gazer - "An amirer of the bright diamonds in the sky and can guide you the way. Has magical powers that focus on Magic and HP. Increasing your team to 8. Eater: Focuses on party support and healing. Mathmatition: Focuses on area-of-effect damage and inflicting status buffs, Comedian: Focuses in party support and party defence. Increasing your team to 8. ", Worried Cat - "Lost her little Toby once again, you betta save him, she'll get scared! They tip-toed inside, scared. They put the Green-Eyed Lady in charge and they leave Realm of the Fey. The protagonist wakes up from his dream to find themselves on top of the Otherworld, even with their cool new powers, all of them can't stop the Dark God. Or hell, go the Splatoon 2 route and have the time skip be the amount of the time between the release of Miitopia 1 and Miitopia 2. So now that I have a whole new Miitopia team, what happened to the original members? He turns the Genie evil and makes them attack the protagonist. Sage: Focuses in area-of effect damage and party support. The Fab Faries decide they want in and join the team. This only covers the main areas of the story. We’ve got a whole load of products in the Nintendo 2DS 2DS XL and 3DS games category to compare against, but for now let’s take a look at what’s so good about Miitopia Nintendo 3DS Game to make it worthy of an overall score of 8.7 out of 10. Locations. A few months after the events of Miitopia, the Ex-Dark Curse is unhappy yet again. ". Not sure how the villain would work though, unless they want to make it so that the Dark Curse somehow managed to come back even … The worker had no control over their new body because the Dark Curse controlled it. Cat [Scaredy-Cat Mii] = Fought in Realm of the Fey to free the Scaredy Cat Mii, Goblin Witch = Fought to free [Green Eyed-Lady Mii], Giant Broomstick = Fought to free [Mischievous Witch Mii], Triple Droplet = Fought to free [Fab Fairy 1, 2 & 3], Resting Dog = (A dog with a broken leg lying on a couch) Fought to free [Lazybones Mii + Injured Elf Mii], Roller-Bot = Fought to free The Prince of Neksdor, Robo-Pharoah = Fought to free the Genie of the Lamp, Dream God = Fought right before the Final Boss, The Ultimate Curse = Fought to free Miitopia. Ninja: Focuses on single target damage and self-defence, a better version of the Thief. The Dark Curse was originally an ordinary Mii from a long time ago. because they have so much magic and speed, Rare snurps can't vanish, but very rare snurps can. Ghost Lord = Fought in Neksdor after the Great Sage deflects the lord. Just like in the legends! Their max level is also 99, A fiend's level is ??? The Prince, determined to get the Princess to take him back, charges forward, aiming to defeat the Dark God. If you have Miitopia, you have to use the same characters that you have with Miitopia as it occurs minutes after the final battle. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://fantendo.fandom.com/wiki/Miitopia_2:_A_New_Curse?oldid=3128042. There is a dark creature on the loose!" It proves to not be enough, as the Ultimate Curse breaks in. The Dark Lord proclaims that Neskdor is it's fresh meat, the Great Sage comes in and realises this can't be good. The Dark Curse is the main antagonist from the 2017 Nintendo 3DS videogame Miitopia . God Job: Focuses on single-target damage and party support. He disappears and rises out of the ground as the Dark God, he flies away saying that he got what he wanted. The protagonist explains that the blue thing was the Ultimate Curse, a combination of the Dark Curse and the Darker Curse, the protagonist says that they are out of energy and need a place to stay. The last world before the final boss, all the enemies are nightmare versions of previous enemies. Tier: 8-C | At least 8-C | At least 8-C. Name: Dependent on player choice and who they are possessing Origin: Miitopia. After being defeated once more by Team Crossed, the Darker Curse broke the boundaries of the New Lumos seal and fled the island into mainland Miitopia. He turns crazy and uses a weaker variation of Big Bang, he drags the King, Genie and all of Greenhorne into his Bag of Souls, in this form, he can only use his normal attack, which does pathetic damage, in the single digits. "Your friends. The Crossover Hell Squad: Where are they now??? Once heroes reached Karkaton, they saw a Castle. Miitopia Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Dark God is furious but saves his Bag of Souls for later on, the Prince returns to normal and joins the protagonist once again. The team follows a blasted Ultimate Curse over The Realm of the Fey, the 3 Fab Faries greet the protagonist and say that they saw a weird version of the Dark God flying over the realm, the protagonist says that that was the Dark God, or Ultimate Curse. Helps you with your adventure and fun! When the team arrives at Neskdor, they see a panicked Genie of the Lamp at the entrance. Game visuals display in 2D on Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 2DS XL. It's where your interests connect you with your people. This game also has NPCs from the old game, like the Great Sage and Ex-Dark Lord.

There’s no such thing as time to kill,Nor time to throw away,So, once for the bright sky, twice for the pig sty,Thrice for another day. The chase of the Dark God leads them to believe he's residing in the Otherworld, like in Miitopia. The King says that it's not his problem and continues eating his Rump Roast. At that moment, the King shows up, saying that he was wrong about them, and that he will fight, then the Genie shows up, wanting revenge, all of Greenhorne show up, saying that they want the Mayor back. Very rare snurps can't vanish until their 3rd turn. A job like the Great Sage.

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