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A Break Through Campaign


Watch and Vote

In December 2010 —  Breakthrough launched the I AM THIS LAND contest, putting out a call for fun, inspiring videos about diversity using the phrase “I AM THIS LAND”.

Judges included John Jackson, director of social responsibility at MTV Networks; Liz Friedlander, award winning music video director for U2, REM and feature films; Malcolm Campbell, publisher of SPIN magazine; Maria Hinojosa, award-winning PBS journalist and author; Julie Zeilinger, founder of teen feminist blog The Fbomb; and singer Sharon Jones of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.

In addition to #of votes, videos were judged on:
• Overall impact – (positive message about diversity, story-telling, feeling we’re left with after watching)
• Creativity
 – Use your imagination and be creative in how participants use the words, I AM THIS LAND
• Use of visuals – (photos, video effects, b-roll)

The winner was Role Call, created by media arts students at Flushing International High School in New York City, who received a grand prize of  $2500, a 1-Day internship at SPIN Magazine, a Skype call with an Academy and Emmy-nominated filmmaker, and Activision music games including Guitar Hero, Band Hero, DJ Hero.  A few months later, we partnered with FIHS for a creative storytelling project.

Please check out the submissions to I AM THIS LAND contest below.

“What are you?”

Genevieve L.

Seattle, WA

This short documentary explores mixed identities and racial ambiguity. The film challenges our tendency to categorize people, and redefines our concept of diversity. How do mixed people influence our concept of diversity in America? How will ambiguous identities affect America’s identity as a nation? What will the future look like?

Watch this video >

A Hand for Change

Beth L.

Sherman Oaks, CA

A small change in perception has the potential to change the world.

Watch this video >


Eliyas Q.

Jersey City, NJ

Diversity exists all over this land and Sameena stands up for who she is. A young teenage American Girl not torn between cultures but embracing all the facets of herself. She is American and she is Muslim. She represents the youth of this nation.

Watch this video >

Diver City Rocks

Todd J.

Central Islip, NY

What will the citizens of Diver City do when a wave threatens their home —- and they realize they’ve banished all those who may have the talents to save them!?

Watch this video >

Diversity Is Natural

Aim D.

Chandler, AZ

We climb a mountain and decide to use it as the setting for our entry.

Watch this video >

Hungry for Diversity

Todd L.

Los Angeles, CA

If everything and everyone were the same, life would be a pretty mundane and tasteless experience.

Watch this video >

I am this land

Gola T.

Rainbow City, AL

My video covers what I think of when I think of the United States. I did it from a third person aspect as putting myself in my country’s shoes and what my country tells me it is, not what I say it is even if I do agree with it.

Watch this video >

I am this Land

Suhir P.

Belle Mead, NJ

I made this as the person in front of the camera as well as the person behind the camera. It is only possible in this land to leave the camera unattended far away and shoot..

Watch this video >

I Am This Land (Blacklight)

Dave S.

Rochester, NY

This is our entry for the “I Am This Land” contest. It is a parody of “Twilight” and tells a great story about how some people act toward those of different races. We hope you enjoy!

Watch this video >

I AM THIS LAND // Promo // Motion Graphics Video

Jordie C.

Enschede, SC

Motion graphics video promo for I AM THIS LAND.

Watch this video >

I Thought I Was This Land: Part 1

Emmerson Y.

Salt Lake City, UT

An adaptation of Pastor Martin Neimoller’s “They Came For Me,” Part One is a reminder of all that has happened to our many people in this land, and abroad. In order to understand the beauty and positivity of this message, be sure to watch AND vote for part two of this video!

Watch this video >

I Thought I Was This Land: Part 2

Emmerson Y.

Salt Lake City, UT

The second part of our video calls all viewers to action. This finale reminds us that we are not alone in our communities, and that our land is made of many different faces and stories. The challenge after watching is not to focus just on the story that sounds like ours, but to remember that it is the other, the ...

Watch this video >

I’m Coming Out

Eliyas Q.

Jersey City, NJ

A young boy decides he is going to come out and tell his parents he’s gay. He assumes his parents are not going to accept the fact. He prepares himself for the worse.

Watch this video >


Johnathon K.

Charleston, SC

iamthisland is a video made by Matthew Kane a 4 year old, who addresses racism and humanity. One world, One People everyone is equal.

Watch this video >


Luke M.

Fenton, MI

Diversity is more than just race, it encompasses all of who we are as individuals, and as a nation. We are calling on all Americans to stop the rhetoric, and listen to one another. If we as a nation would begin this discussion, we can begin to become one land, and one nation.

Watch this video >

Many Languages, One America

Mushtaq D.

Hilliard, OH

Diversity is our commonality, without it this world would be culture-less, language-less and over all taste-less. Let us celebrate our differences.

Watch this video >

Role Call

Dillon P.

Queens, NY

During class, a young man imagines the infinite possibilities of identity. Video, sound, and animation are playfully woven together to create a layered exploration of gender, cultural expression, and racial stereotypes.

Watch this video >

standing on familiar shores

Ben R.

Los Angeles, CA

we, a people as diverse as this sprawling landscape throw off guarded fears and hidden prejudices for our fertile soil knows neither race, sex, color, nor creed

Watch this video >

Stirring the Melting Pot

Ruwan A.

Columbia, MD

This is my submission for the “I Am This Land” contest.

Watch this video >

The American Dream!

Suhir P.

Belle Mead, NJ

Who is this land? Keep your hopes high. Learn from the past and present and envision great things for the future. It is your land as much as mine. We are this land.

Watch this video >

The melting Pot

Tom W.

Gloucester, MA

A spoken poem about diversity with cartoon effects.

Watch this video >

This Land is Everything

Tyffani R.

Ravenna, OH

No bonds or constraints.. America is all things.

Watch this video >

We Are Human

Ivan B.

Clarkston, MI

Instead of contriving a video from images that were easily accessible and ideas that were simple, I decided somewhere along the line that I wanted to be really honest with this video. It started as an attempt to make some money, but turned into a search for truth and beauty. Beauty is alive in all of us. I hope the ...

Watch this video >

We are Tarrant, We are beautiful!

Gail Harper Y.

Birmingham, AL

This is a video directed and produced by Ms. Yeilding’s English Language Arts classes at Tarrant Middle High School. We have been celebrating Martin Luther King’s legacy all week by making this video, serving our teachers, and celebrating diversity in all that we do.

Watch this video >

We are unique, and that’s what makes us special

Emily B.

West Chester, PA

My sister is an inspiration for my life, she now attends a boarding school with kids from all over the world and has never learned discrimination, to them they are all the same and their differences is what makes them such great friends. This is a video put together mostly by them, and shared by me.

Watch this video >

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